Grand Opening Event! [CLOSED] [LOG]

(Original event posted on Jun 6, 2020, at deviantART)

Greetings, and good evening, everyone! We are founders Ryo and Tiaa, bringing along riveting news!

Thank you all so much for the patience, support, and for keeping with the group so far; the day is finally here! To celebrate the official opening of the ARPG (and the expedition!), we prepared an event which will be divided into four parts, made for both old and new members!

If you’ve just found out about the MemoryKeepers group, or stumbled upon this journal by chance, here’s our Starter’s Guide.
It’ll help you understand all of the basics!

At the same time, the First Chapter of our Main Story will stay open during the whole event. Please check it out, and cast your vote there; our story moves accordingly with the members’ choices.
If you’re new to the Main Story as well, please read our Prologue, if you want to.

Now without further ado… Let’s get to the event!

Memory Keeper Giveaway

This Keeper arrived today here in the Archives, and they claim to be looking for an adventure partner for the upcoming expedition! Well, looking at how prepared they seem to be, I’m sure they’re worth trying to win over!

Rules to participate:

  • You must be a member of the Memory Keepers group in order to participate. Being a watcher DOES NOT count.
  • You must be an FTO. FTO stands for “first-time owner”, which means you have never had any Memory Keeper under your name on the Masterlist. If you own an unused MYO slot, you’re ineligible for entering as well; having an Avatar, however, is alright!
  • Please comment HERE saying you want to participate. It’s completely free to participate, but you must meet the above requirements.
  • The raffle will stay open until July 5th, 11:59 PM BRT.

The winner will be rolled in our Discord server.

Exclusive Held Item

I’d like it if you kept this badge as a memento, so you can remember me when you’re on the expedition. It’s a very special item carved from Memory Fragments, and once it’s held by a Keeper, it’ll stay there forever and won’t disappear when you attach another held item.

Rules to get yours:

  • You must be a member of the MemoryKeepers group in order to participate. Being a watcher DOES NOT count.
  • Make a journal, status update, or poll spreading about the event and the group.
  • Please comment HERE with the link for your feature.
  • The items will be distributed until July 5th, 11:59 PM BRT.

It’s only one badge per user, and it can take up to one week until it’s banked. You can’t redeem yours after the event has ended, and you can’t create multiple accounts to cheat and get more than one.

Memory Fragments handout

IT’S PARTY TIME, AND I’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS! 😭👌🎉 Bring your friends, fam! It’s more fun if you participate and celebrate with the homies!

Rules to get your shinies:

  • You must be a member of the MemoryKeepers group in order to participate. Being a watcher DOES NOT count.
  • Comment HERE tagging your friends to come to see the event. You get 2 Fragments per user tagged.
  • The fragments will be distributed until July 5th, 11:59 PM BRT. After this period has passed, you get no freebies!

Each user can receive a total amount of 10 Fragments (with 5 friends being tagged). You can tag more than 5 friends, but keep in mind you won’t get more than 10 Fragments for it!
The fragments can take up to one week to be banked; don’t look at me, that’s what Izrail said.

MYO sale

Before my village was destroyed, I managed to secure these little ones. I’d be very happy if they could finally see the world by themselves… but first, I need to make sure you’re responsible enough to take care of a Protocore.
You should read our MYO Guide and Approval Journal; then, come talk to me, my child.

Protocores available:
x2 x2 x2
Price: $20USD/2000:points: each
“I wish I could give them away for free, but we must prepare for the upcoming expedition…”

Rules to purchase a MYO:

  • You must be a member of the MemoryKeepers group in order to participate. Being a watcher DOES NOT count.
  • You must pay within 24 hours. If you must withdraw from the sale, let us know as soon as possible.
  • You can buy a Protocore for someone else, but since it’s one Protocore per user, please be aware this would deem you ineligible to buy any more, even if it’s for yourself. Let’s not be greedy, alright?
  • When claiming your theme, please make sure it hasn’t been claimed before. Check out the Masterlist gallery folder for the class you want if you’re in doubt.
  • Please comment HERE with the filled form seen in the comment.

The sale will be open until July 5th, 11:59 PM BRT, or until all available Protocores have been sold.

By obtaining a Memory Keeper via any of the methods listed above, you automatically agree to our Terms of Service – Memory Keepers (ADOPTS), and by joining the group, you are committed to abiding by the ARPG Group Guidelines/Rules with no exceptions.

In case you still have any doubt, please ask away in THIS comment! This way, it’s easier for other people to find answered questions. Thank you very much for the attention, hope you all enjoy and join in the fun!

Happy eventing!


Firstly, thanks to everyone who participated in our Opening Event! It was nice to interact with all of you, and to see quite a lot of new faces there~ All items have been banked, and we have already rolled for the winner of our FTO raffle in our Discord server. Without further ado… *drums*

Talmorne@dA, take one step forward! You’re Cockatiel’s new expedition partner~ 🎊

The Masterlist has already been updated to list you as their owner. Hope to see the two of you adventuring out there!

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