📦 The Warehouse 📦

Welcome to the Warehouse, where all the items of our community are stored. I’m Izrail and I’m the one in charge of keeping everything organized here. That old dog outside is Garmr, he is meant to guard the place… how did you pass through him? Oh well- anyway, do you need anything?

► I’d like to check my bank/inventory.
I have everyone’s belongings organized on this spreadsheet, just search for your name on it.

► I’d like to use an item on my Memory Keeper.
If you want to use a Magic Item or give a Held Item for your Keeper, please let me know here.

► I’m here to purchase something.
I don’t sell anything here, but I prepared this list of places you can go to buy something cool.

► I’m here to activate a Protocore.
To active your Protocore please refer to this guide , it’s Sylvan’s department, not mine.

► I think there’s an error with my items.
An error? Please submit us a ticket reporting your error and I’ll be sure to review it ASAP.

► I’d like to give the items a look.
That’s okay, just don’t mess them up, please. Select an item category below to start looking…

Used to in-game purchases and similar.

Community Resources
Necessary for our daily life and used as offerings for the deities.

Magic Items
Items that once used grant blessings for your Keeper.

Held Items
Items that once held boost the Keeper’s abilities.

Where Memory Keepers come from. (MYO Slots)

Key Items
A token for participating in something important.