🎲 Activities 🎲

Welcome to the Activity Hub, pal! Allow me to introduce myself~ *wiggles eyebrows* I’m Hushabye, your personal guide of fun! I’m the Keeper to go to when looking for current events and other interesting things to do. Why don’t you take a look around? I’ll be here if you need any help. 👌

Extra Activities

These are activities that, while they’re part of the main story, usually have no set deadline, either staying always open or closing when a specific goal is reached by the community; they’re great to farm items and to level up skills. You need a Memory Keeper or an approved Avatar to participate in Extra Activities.

Permanent Activities
Tutorial Mission

Temporary Activities
Kaguya’s Marvelous Invention

Ongoing events

Open until June 25th, 11:59PM BRT.

Do you want to see all the fun you missed? Here’s a LIST OF PAST EVENTS, but they are already closed!