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Hello, good day to you and welcome to the Masterlist! My name is Sylvan, and I’m the Keeper in charge of recording all data referring to all Memory Keepers in existence. Alecsander isn’t here right now, but may I help you with anything? I’m here to serve!

► About my Keeper’s skill levels…
Need to redeem a level your Keeper earned? Please head to the Skill Level redemption area.

► I’d like to get the “Official Value” of my Keeper updated.
Please head over to the Appraisal Center; I’ll verify your Keeper’s value in there.

► I want to transfer my Keeper to another user.
It’s quite simple: just comment under “OWNERSHIP CHANGES”, on your Keeper’s ML entry.

► I’m here to activate a Protocore.
Please head over to the MYO Approval area, I’ll check if your Protocore is ready to hatch in there.

► I think there’s an error in my Keeper’s info.
Submit a ticket here, and I’ll check your registration information as soon as possible!

► I’d like to check all the registered Keepers.
Feel free to take a look at the documented entries below; they’re separated by Keeper class.

Created by nature forces, their appearance is inspired by plants.

Created by nature forces, their appearance is inspired by animals.

Created by nature forces, their appearance is inspired by fungi and all microorganisms.

The original Keepers created by Mother Nature.

The materialization of wishes.

Created by the power of collective, conceptual thoughts.

Protocores are much like a seed, spore, or egg; it depends on which class it’s from. If you own one and take good care of it, it’ll form into a Keeper of its given class.