The Pacifist Continent

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A continent that chose to side with humankind and take no part in the Silver War.

Thanks to the giant wall created by the Architects, the nations within the continent lived in harmony and helped each other to prosper, without knowing the terrors of the war.

Until the events that lead to our story… will you read the Prologue?

Pagus Village

The starting point of the expedition, the Pagus Village is friendly and cozy, whose villagers know each other by name. With a library that works as the place’s archives, the old warehouse and a bucolic tavern, that’s the perfect place to call home.

Exordior Ruins

A little far from the village but still close enough to see the simplistic houses at the distance, the Exordior Ruins are where most of our resources come from. Since the villagers have been exploring those ruins for some years, the resources are getting scarce but the area is well known and safe, which makes it the perfect place for your first adventure.

What to do here?

The Moon Capital

The mysterious Moon Capital, kept by mister Taketori, Mother Nature’s son, and his Keeper, Kaguya. The town remains secluded, surrounded by a massive bamboo grove that only the worthy can cross.

We visited the Moon Capital for the first time on Aug 26, 2020, in “Chapter 2: The Concealed City.”

Village of Seven Goats

A modest and mostly rural village which was led in the past by Capra, the kindest of Mother Nature’s children – Amalthea’s former partner, and Capella’s mother. It suffered great damage from Red’s raid during the Silver War, its current situation is unknown.

What to do here?

We still need to explore this place.

Kingdom of Salientia

At the extreme Northeast, lays the beautiful Kingdom of Salientia. It is commanded by Princess Vasilisa – one of Mother Nature’s children -, and her Keeper, Henry. Apparently, both were very gaudy and enjoyed launching grand parties, splurging their kingdom’s prosperity and wealth. Strangely enough, we haven’t heard from them since the past year. I wonder if they’re alright…?

What to do here?

We still need to explore this place.

The Architect’s Site

Led by the Halliwell, Dartmoor and Joseph, the Architect’s Site was known for its sturdy wall that surrounded the whole Pacifist Continent, keeping those inside protected from the Silver War.

According to Mr. Taketori, it has been completely savaged, and a gigantic opening was found on the wall.

What to do here?

We still need to explore this place.