Terms & Conditions

Site and ARPG

  1. Registering in the site ≠ playing the ARPG. You don’t need to own a Memory Keeper in order to join or take part in the ARPG. If you own a Memory Keeper we ask you to register even if you don’t intend to play the ARPG, this is for organization purposes.
  2. Memory Keepers are a Closed Species and you cannot make your own unless you own a Protocore (MYO Slot) or are taking part in an official MYO contest. However, you can take part in the ARPG (with a few restrictions) without a Memory Keeper by creating yourself an Avatar, more info about Avatars can be found HERE.
  3. Group is PG-13. Sexual themes and gore aren’t allowed. “Shipping” and minor injuries are fine.
  4. Be respectful towards others and yourself. No hate and self-hate. Don’t spread rumors, beg for characters/items/art or join raffles with multiple accounts. Avoid sensitive topics. Don’t be rude.
  5. Things are written down for a reason, don’t be too lazy to read, it’ll help you to enjoy the group and follow the story more easily.
  6. Be patient with the mods. Our group is currently run by mr-tiaa and shiroganeRyo only, so please bear with us if we take a while to reply. We’ll try to reply and update things within one week.
  7. Situations that may result in punishment include, but aren’t limited to: scamming, harmful ideologies (racism, hate towards one’s origin, LGBTphobia, etc), constant harassment of other users, disrespecting the species’ T.O.S, etc. Punishments may be a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Memory Keeper Adopts 

By purchasing a Memory Keeper or a set of Avatar + Memory Keeper, you automatically agree with the following terms.

Ownership Rights

  1. Memory Keepers are originally meant to be used at the site’s ARPG, but you aren’t obligated to take part in it. You are welcomed to use them in your own story as long as you understand that it won’t be part of the canon universe. However, you must register on the site to be able of purchasing adopts, taking part in raffles, events, and anything on which you may be able of earning an adopt and/or items, be it for free or not.
  2. Avatar + Memory Keeper sets cannot be split.
  3. Co-owning is allowed but not officially recognized. Only one owner may be listed as official in the Masterlist. We have no responsibility regarding co-owning matters.
  4. Commercial usage of Memory Keepers by other than the species’ creator ( mr-tiaa ) is forbidden. I.E. you cannot use Memory Keepers or Avatars on a book you plan to sell, nor upload its arts on sites like RedBubble. However, you can use them in your personal projects, take and create commission works, and similar.
  5. The species’ creator ( mr-tiaa ) and co-owner ( shiroganeRyo ) retain all rights over their artwork and partial rights over purchased adopts. They won’t use your characters nor your artwork, only their original artwork for self-promotional purposes, as in portfolios. In extreme situations of misuse of characters, they have the right to revoke the design.
  6. Guest Artists retain all rights over their art and design work. They won’t use your characters nor your artwork, only their original artwork for self-promotional purposes, as in portfolios.
  7. Any kind of mature content (PG18+) regarding Memory Keepers is highly discouraged, considering our group is meant to be PG-13 and the species’ sexless nature.
  8. Extreme situations of misuses include, but aren’t limited to: usage of the character for profit, scamming, association with harmful ideologies (racism, hate towards one’s origin, LGBTphobia, etc).


  1. When you commit to buy from an official sale or auction, replies and payment must be done within 24 hours, or the design will be put on sale once again.
  2. If you must withdraw your offer, please inform the user hosting the sale or auction as soon as possible.
  3. All payments are final and non-refundable.
  4. Payment plans aren’t available at the moment.

Resale and Trade

  1. You may only resell a Memory Keeper that is under your name in the Masterlist.
  2. Memory Keepers who have been purchased as a set with an Avatar must be sold with them. This doesn’t apply to Memory Keepers who have been acquired by themselves and then connected to an Avatar.
  3. All Memory Keepers have an official value listed on their Masterlist entry to work as a guideline, but you are allowed to resell them as you please. Buyers are encouraged to check said value.
  4. A Memory Keeper’s official value is based on their purchase price + its in-game progress, extra art doesn’t add to it. If you plan to resell your Keeper, feel free to note the group so we can appraise and update their entry – this isn’t an automatic process in order to avoid unnecessary work.
  5. Memory Keepers won at raffles, contests and other non-monetary ways have a cooldown of 3 months before they can be traded or resold. Memory Keepers that have been purchased may be resold as soon as they are under your name.
  6. You are allowed to offer Memory Keepers as a contest prize, however, you must inform us if you are doing so. If you fail to deliver said prize, cancel the contest, or vanish for more than 3 months after the contest’s deadline or closure, we will intervene.


  1. All Terms of Service apply normally to MYO Memory Keepers.
  2. How to acquire and design a MYO varies according to its class. Check out the MYO guide for more info.
  3. With exception of contests and specific events, the owner of a MYO slot may have someone else to draw/design their Keeper. If you do so, you must provide proof of permission from the original designer when registering your Memory Keeper to the Masterlist, so proper credits can be given to them.
  4. MYOs may be retired as Memory Keepers and turned into original, non-species characters by following the proper procedures. To retire a MYO Memory Keeper you must have written permission from the original design creator (if not you) and note the group with proof. Once retired, the design will be moved to a specific folder in the Masterlist. This process cannot be reverted.


  1. All Terms of Service apply normally to Custom Memory Keepers.
  2. Customs are handled by mr-tiaa and shiroganeRyo only. We may decline custom orders for any reason.
  3. Customs are usually delivered within one month after payment.
  4. WIPs and edits aren’t available for customs unless it’s a clear mistake on our part, if you are too strict about what you want please get a Protocore/MYO slot instead of a custom.
  5. Customs may NOT be retired as Memory Keepers and turned into original, non-species characters.


  1. Memory Keepers may have their designs slightly altered as long as they are still recognizable and fit their theme.
    Acceptable design changes include: hairstyle, fur length, minor color/marking alterations, accessories, etc.
    The following traits may not be altered at all: core shape/color, horns, and tail shape.
  2. Any change made must still follow the species’ design guidelines (i.e. particularly, how their anatomy works): Number of horns and core type matching their specific classes, no genitalia, no paw pads (unless blessed with feral paws).
  3. Any alteration made to Memory Keepers’ designs must be approved by a mod. Please note the group with the old and new designs in order to have it approved.
  4. Complete or major design revamps aren’t allowed at the moment.
  5. Design alterations that are a result of an in-game event are automatically logged.
  6. All creator and co-owner-made Memory Keepers fall under the Mr. Tiaa trademark, and their official artwork remains copyrighted by its creator.

These guidelines are important to keep the site and species running smoothly, for both members and mods. Please help us to make this a positive experience for everyone! If you have any questions or concerns, please submit us a ticket. Keep in mind the Terms & Conditions may be updated as necessary, without a previous warning.

– thank you, mr-tiaa & shiroganeRyo