The Moon Capital

The mysterious Moon Capital, kept by mister Taketori, Mother Nature’s son, and his Keeper, Kaguya. The town remains secluded, surrounded by a massive bamboo grove that only the worthy can cross.

We visited the Moon Capital for the first time on Aug 26, 2020, in “Chapter 2: The Concealed City.”

You decide to eavesdrop on Capella and Alecsander’s talk. With mentions of wolves and the tragedy that took place in the Village of the Seven Goats, you listen on to find out more.+ info

Kaguya, the Fαe from Moon Capital, wants to show you her latest, but still unfinished invention; it looks very promising, but how can you help her out?+ info

Make offerings for the deities or Mother Nature herself and earn a brand-new Memory Keeper or a Protocore in return.

Opens during the first 3 days of each month.+ info