Starter’s Guide

This guide hopes to help those who just got into our community to get familiar with the fundamental concepts of our group and how to start playing with us! Please take your time to read through the post and, if you still have any questions, feel free to drop by at the Help Center!

The Species πŸ’–

What are Memory Keepers?

Memory Keepers are a closed species of wonderful, feral-like fairy creatures. For short, we call a Memory Keeper as “Keeper”, and their name comes from their main and unique asset: the power of storing – keeping – memories by making use of their magic, acting as a living record of something, someone, or even both. There are different types of Keepers, and all of them haven’t been unveiled as of yet.

Although some bits about their existence remain a mystery, the basics you need to know are efficiently covered in our Species Guide, Classes Guide and our Blessings Guide:

Basic Species Guide
Classes Guide
Blessings Guide

Feel free to read about them, they’ll certainly help you understand what are these little critters.

If you’re interested in further info about them in our lore setting, please check out our story’s Prologue.

What is a Closed Species?

A Closed Species (CS) is a species in which creation is restricted. Characters from such a species are only obtainable through official adopts – that is, made by the CS’s owners and/or staff – or Make Your Own (MYO) slots’ official sales.
They aren’t free to create, the only exception being official contests or events held by the group itself which they originated from, which may reward a character, or a MYO, for free.

How can I get a Memory Keeper?

As explained above, Memory Keepers are a Closed Species, which means you can get one from the following methods:

Alternatively, you may also get a Keeper from someone else, as a gift, trade, or sale. In this case, it’s important that you are sure that the Keeper you are getting is officially approved and under the ownership of the user from who you are getting it, so please check its Masterlist Entry before accepting any deals!

By getting yourself a Keeper, you automatically agree to our Terms & Conditions.

The ARPG 🎲

What is an ARPG? Is it mandatory that I play?

An ARPG (Art RolePlay Game) is just like a regular RPG; but your actions are usually expressed through art (drawing, or writing) instead of only personal interpretations.
The ARPG is optional for you to participate, however, if you do take part in the activities you will be helping us to write the species story! You may be rewarded with things such as useful items and may be able to hone your Keeper’s skills. Check the Skill Levels post for more info on what these skills are and how they affect playability.

Main Story, Extra Activities & Events: the difference between them

Since the Memory Keepers group is focused on ARPG, this means the focus on our central story and lore is quite important and relevant to our world-building. There are three different story modes:

  • Main Story Chapter
    The group’s central story, which has its beginning with the Prologue. This story is linear, and whenever a new chapter is released, it’ll stay open for a determined period or until a specific goal is accomplished. The users’ participation helps in deciding which route the story will take (meaning there is more than one option available), and depending on the outcome, they can unlock new things for the groups such as blessings, items, and other future features.
    Chapters that have been closed can’t be completed anymore, but you can check a list with all of them here to keep up with the plot. You need a Memory Keeper or an approved Avatar to participate in the Main Story mode.
  • Extra Activities
    These are activities that, while they’re part of the main story, usually have no deadline to participate in, either staying always open or closing when a specific goal is reached by the community; they’re great to farm items and to level up skills. You need a Memory Keeper or an approved Avatar to participate in Extra Activities.
  • Events
    They may or may not be part of the Main Story; they usually function in parallel with the current plot events and stay open for a specific period of time. They are usually related to some festivity and everyone is allowed to participate, regardless of owning a Keeper or an Avatar or not.

What is an Avatar? How can I get one?

An Avatar is a playable character that isn’t a Memory Keeper. They can participate normally in ARPG activities the same way Keepers do, but won’t receive in-game benefits such as leveling up skills or earning game currency. They can, however, gather cumulative items like Resource Items, and can also be created for free. They’re a way of playing the game without owning a Keeper, and save for certain limitations regarding design and lore, are 100% yours to create.
Feel free to check the Avatar Center for Dos and Don’ts, info on the two different types of Avatars, and the steps to make one for yourself.

The Site πŸ’»

Do I need to register on the site?

Either if you just want to adopt a Memory Keeper, play the ARPG, or both, you need to register on this site. That’s important because we keep track of the Keeper’s ownership through the site accounts. It’s also through the site that you can participate and submit your drawings for the ARPG, so an account is a must!

Registering is pretty easy, you can either click on “My Account” and then on “Register” on the header menu or go directly through this link. You only need to input a username, a valid e-mail, and a password. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you just registered, it’s necessary to validate your account by clicking the link sent on this e-mail, check your Spam and Trash folders if you can’t find it. If you didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail at all, please submit this form and well manually validate your account. Once the validation is complete, your account is active and you are ready to start playing!

We use cookies and collect some of your data when you use our website (as most internet sites), please read our Privacy Policy for a detailed explanation of how your information is kept and managed.

Some useful site usage tips

  • Finding the Masterlist Entry of your Memory Keeper
    To easily find the entry of your Memory Keeper, you can use the search bar right next to the menu, just click the magnifying glass icon and it will open a search bar. Search for your Keeper’s theme or registering number and press “enter”, you shall easily find them like this!
  • Comments links
    If you plan to play the ARPG it’ll be necessary that you know how to directly link a comment, as it’s requested to do in some activities. That’s pretty simple: you just need to place the mouse next to your username (for comments) or over the postage date (for replies) and you’ll see a chain icon, if you click it the comment link will be copied to your clipboard! It’s a smart decision to make a habit of saving links of important comments, like when you earn something or trade away an item.
  • Images in comments
    By putting an image’s URL on the comment text, it will automatically generate the image when you post your comment (animated GIFs won’t work). These pictures appear on the comment body and align with the text, they are good for reaction images and chat icons.
    You are the one responsible to host these images somewhere on internet. (like “imgur”, for example.)
  • Attached Images
    If you click on the Photo Icon on the right corner of your comment’s options you’ll be able to attach an image to the comment. Attached files are always displayed below your comment and are automatically saved in the site’s database, so please only attach files when you are instructed to do so! (i.e. in activities)
    You can attach only one image per comment.
  • Notifications
    Do you see that bell icon on the right side? If you click it, you’ll see all your notifications! You can also access your notifications directly through this link. Whenever someone replies to a comment you made you’ll receive a new notification, it’s a useful feature if you are waiting for an answer in particular, or if you are taking part in an auction.
    You won’t receive updates about your tickets through the notification button though, since it’s another plugin, for tickets you need to directly access the ticket page.

Stay connected! πŸ”—

Discord Server

We have a Discord Server ready to cater to notifying everyone whenever something new comes up! Be it Main Chapter releases, regular activities releases, new adopts and sales, and even updates on old and new things alike. You can join the server by clicking here!


Are you feeling generous? Do you want to financially support the project in other ways than buying an adopt? We have Ko-Fi page where you can submit donations of $3 (USD). Any donations are highly appreciated but totally optional, it’s not mandatory as the site is open for everyone to play for free!