Our Team

The Memory Keepers project is run by an artist couple, Ryo and Tiaa!

The first Memory Keeper created was Tiaa’s mascot, “Mr. Tiaa”. He had some ideas and a little story for his character, but it was just a draft sitting on the corner of his mind, something unpolished he couldn’t finish or find a real use to.

After talking about it with his spouse, Ryo, he encouraged Tiaa to make it an ARPG, building a community that could adopt characters of the species he created, and help with the outcome of the plot, it would be like writing a story together with everyone.

This is how the Memory Keepers project was born, from the effort of two artists and a delightful community!

At the moment, it is managed only by Ryo and Tiaa, but more members may be added to our team in the future.

👑 Ryo

ShiroganeRyo | he/him | Founder: “Pariscaudae Vulpes”

Hello, you may call me Ryo! I’m one of the Founders of the Memory Keepers closed species. I’m responsible for managing the Masterlist, doing English and translation revisions, writing the contents related to the Main Story… and some other fun, plot-based things!
I really wish I could hug every cat in existence… 🌹

👑 Tiaa

mr-tiaa | he/him | Founder: “Gattae Fortis”

Hi- I’m Tiaa!! I’m also a Founder of the Memory Keepers closed species. I’m the one responsible for keeping the website functional, doing the finance things, managing the Warehouse and coming up with unpolished ideas that require Ryo’s attention.
I’m a bit shy and distant but very polite~ 🌸