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Are you looking to rehome your Keeper because you feel like you aren’t a good owner for them anymore? Did they misbehave and are being sent off? This is the right place for me to possibly help you on defining an official price for their adoption fee. All I ask+ info

By getting a MYO Memory Keeper you agree with the Memory Keepers Terms & Conditions. MYO (Make Your Own) are designs created by community members with the approval of a mod through a MYO Slot (in the Memory Keepers group we call those “Protocore“) or special events. The design must follow some+ info

| PLEASE DON’T COMMENT HERE UNLESS YOU ARE REDEEMING SKILL LEVELS | If you have any questions, please visit the Help Center or reply to THIS specific comment.If you want to check your current level instead, please visit the Level Log. Please notice that Avatars cannot earn Skill Levels nor use items.– Thank you! –+ info