In the midst of the Tanabata festivities, Noah’s tent rests silently. Three silhouettes, as well as two smaller ones – Memory Keepers -, can be distinguished under the tent’s dim lights.

Noah sits at his table, cards neatly spread out. Two elderly folks sit across him, waiting for the stars to contact the magician. The Fαe, Kaguya-hime, stares starry-eyed in excitement; Noah chuckles lightly.

I believe it’s the first you witness the birth of Dreamborns, Mr. Taketori, Mrs. Ona?

The couple smiles, arms linked together while sitting. The old lady speaks first.

Even if I’m but a simple human, still I can tell our beloved child holds the essence of the moon and the celestial sky in her heart. To witness the will of the stars come into life – it feels just like we’re seeing her own kin take form before our very eyes.

And that’s to say that, as the protectors of the Sacred Shrine, we have witnessed many, many lovely creatures coming into life through the miracle granted by the Nature Forces. To have the stars deliver such a miracle – this is a most joyous occasion, without a doubt.

As Noah always says, the Cosmos will always lend you an ear if you lend them your heart.

A cool, comforting aura surrounds all the ones present. The lights become dimmer, as faint reflections of the stars swirl in the ambient, glistening brightly and enveloping everyone within their reach. Constellations form within the mirage.

It seems the time has come, my dear star friends~☆ Shall we see what the Cosmos have to tell us?

In the middle of the starry mirage, a constellation shines brighter than the others do – the patron constellation, Pariscaudae Vulpes. One of Noah’s cards floats into his hand, as the stars show him the chosen one.

Congratulations, Stargazing-Kitten, your wish has been heard!
But alas, there’s more, of course; the Two-Tailed Fox wishes to tell you something through the Star card~☆
“Faith and hope. Your loved ones now rest among us, forever looking down your way from above. Their smiles have become part of the starry sky that accompanies you wherever you go.”

The starry mirage then shifts, allowing another constellation to take the former’s spot, shining bright – the other patron constellation, Gattae Fortis. Another card flips its way into Noah’s hand, as the chosen one is shown in the mirage.


Congratulations, YamsIAms, your wish has been heard!
It seems the Fortune Cat also has something to tell you, through the Strength card~☆
“Triumph and overcoming. You have a long path ahead of you, but finding and channeling your inner power has beautifully shaped your resolve.”

Despite the two patron constellations having finished sending their respective messages, the starry mirage shifts again. Three lone stars, sparkling shining, are seen near each another. Kaguya opens a bright smile as one last card swiftly goes into Noah’s hand.

Oh! Those are Vega and Altair with Deneb between them!

It’s the magpies, they made it! Orihime and Hikoboshi could meet once again this year~!★

Nfufu~☆ No wonder the one in my hand is the Lovers card! Star-crossed lovers, did you perhaps sympathize with the sentiment of loneliness? Do you wish to bless someone with the gift of company, just as you were tonight?

The mirage shows a Memory Keeper.


Congratulations, lucky star child~☆ It seems you’ve gained a star friend tonight, TroubledFox!

The aura of the stars slowly dissipates, leaving the presence of the awe-struck onlookers. Enoch seemed very content.

*beaming* We haven’t been able to get such a clear presence from the stars in a while now!

It appears the traditions held with the Moon Capital’s strong beliefs in wishes upon the stars further enhanced my connection this time around. It certainly felt much more effortless than it usually does, nfufu~☆

It was truly a mesmerizing spectacle, Noah. You have our most sincere thanks for allowing us to partake in it. Much like every moment in our lives, we shall treasure this one as well. As for the ones whose wishes were not granted… I certainly hope they do not lose faith. No sincere wish goes unheard.

Sometimes, we just need to cultivate patience to wait for the moment life may better welcome positive changes, and other times, our wishes may take a different form from what we initially wanted, but still bring us happiness.

Blessings will find their way onto Earth, into life, no matter how difficult things are; this is the true meaning of hope that has sustained humankind for eons.

You guys are such a wholesome family!

I almost feel bad to say that we can offer our services to help convey the wishes that didn’t bear fruit. Of course, this only applies to those who wished for a star friend, nfufu~☆

Well, it’s a rather rare occurrence to come across someone with skills such as yours, young one. Therefore, we must also learn to accept the ups and downs of life.

That, is very much true~☆

Is there any way we can assist you with the newborn lovelies? They will need a proper birth certificate, certainly?

Oh, sweetheart. When it comes to Memory Keepers, their information is safely kept in an extensive archive, called the Masterlist. You must remember young Avery?

Your memory is as sharp as your needles, my dear! *chuckles* It just so happens that he’s the one responsible for keeping all currently known information on the Memory Keepers. Should we take your words to him, Noah?

He has been here earlier tonight to discuss some new information I had gotten, but I saw myself forced to shoo him away or else he would work all Tanabata. If we present him with work to do right now, it’s possible he’ll try and get to it right now – and I’d rather he and Capella take a relaxing break for the festival, if possible.

Say no more, young lad – we pride ourselves in doing whatever we can do to ensure our guests have a comfortable stay. What shall we do to aid you in your services?

Why, aren’t you folks the sweetest? All I need is a payment fee of $20 (USD), and the following form filled in a ticket:

Your username:
Paypal email for the invoice:
Image file you want on your Keeper’s profile:
Do you give permission to post your image on the Masterlist account?
(You must answer yes, or else we won’t be able to make your Keeper official)

Would you be so kind as to let the star children know~?☆ If they go through the process before I leave on September 30th, I can guarantee the star friends they wished for will find their way into their arms.

Understood~!★ Send a ticket with the above form, pay the $20 fee until September 30th, and their Dreamborn Memory Keeper will be made official. Did I get it right?

Precisely, dear Moon Princess~☆

You can leave it to us, Noah. We’ll ensure everyone gets their respective documents and currency records in place. It’s also our pleasure to oversee your extended stay – there’s still much for you to see at our beautiful Moon Capital. And, of course, the Gekkou Inn’s doors are open for you anytime!

And we have no words to show our gratitude for such a warm welcome~!☆

Why don’t you and Enoch take a rest and enjoy the last hours left of the festival while we take care of the sorting work? The somen noodles are especially delicious this year!

I’ll have to try that! Can’t turn down such a kind invite, can we? What do you say, Noah?

My stomach very much agrees, nfufu~☆

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