This morning, you woke up and dropped by the Gekkou Inn’s cafeteria site to get yourself a meal for breakfast, just as you do every morning. You notice a bright, colorful change in the scenario – there seems to have more decorations than there were before, but you think nothing of it.

You head outside after you’re done eating, and as you stroll around the streets of the Moon Capital, you realize that, indeed, something is up. A wide array of colorful and sparkling decorations appeared overnight, covering every corner your eyes can reach: streamers of varied colors hanging from bamboo branches, origami folded into paper cranes and kimono, origami rings tied into chains that resembled nets, a big and colorful ornamental ball with many streamers hanging from it, several similar smaller ones hanging from bamboos…

Before you can investigate further, you spot Kaguya-hime deeply engaged in conversation with someone you’re quite familiar with. There’s an empty basket resting by the Fαe’s paws.

…just done with hanging the decorations, I might- Oh! It’s you, our honorable guests! It fills me with joy to the brim to see you so early in the morning~!★

Hello there! Remember me? I see some new faces this time, though.

Are you acquaintances, Enoch?

You bet we are, Princess! We all met during Noah’s stay at Pagus Village during a beautiful meteor shower we had a while ago. Speaking of, he’ll be delighted to see you again!

You pull a cosmic chart from your bag and frantically start looking for meteor showers dated to happen soon. Enoch lets out a hearty laugh.

Meteor showers aren’t the only occasions when Dreamborns come into life, you know! You surely didn’t think we would only show up during these, did you?

You did. Enoch seemingly can tell that’s exactly what you thought.

Predicting the right season for the birth of Dreamborns can be complicated, as it all falls on the will of the Cosmos, the stars – and Noah, the one who can read them, is just as unpredictable. But, of course, there’s a reason why we’re here at the Moon Capital.

It’s Tanabata Festival season~!★ Would you like to listen to the tale behind it?

It is said that if it rains on Tanabata, it’s because the magpies couldn’t come; the tale calls it “The Tears of Orihime and Hikoboshi”.

*offers her a handkerchief*

Thank you kindly~★

An astronomical occurrence also takes place during this date: the stars Vega and Altair meet in the night sky. People believe they represent Orihime and Hikoboshi, while the Milky Way is the river separating them and the star Deneb represents the magpie bridge.

Yes, that’s why people also call it the “Star Festival”~!★ With the tale and the customary season of making wishes and Shinto purification rituals, the Tanabata Festival became a very important celebration over time. A season for wishes!

Which is precisely why it’s such an opportune season for Dreamborns to come into being! With the fervent wishes of people during the festival, some might materialize in the form of a Memory Keeper.

Will you stay and celebrate the festival with us? There’ll be dancing, food, parades, fireworks… Here, I will give you your own set of tanzaku paper strips~!★ Pick a color, write down your wish and bring it back to me – we’ll tie it to the Wish Tree together!

Oh, and if you wish to see Noah, just take a look around. His tent is set nearby.

🎋 A guide to Wish Making

To participate, you must have an account on the Memory Keepers website and agree to the species T.O.S. Click here to register!

  • Make a drawing of your Dreamborn Memory Keeper! The drawing and design must be made by you but, if you can’t draw, you may use this base. The max drawing resolution is 1200 x 1200px, bigger files won’t upload properly.
  • Remember to follow the Basic Species Guide and add the specific traits from their class: Single horn and Wispy core; Dream Hologram is optional. You may check the Dreamborn folder in our Masterlist for some examples.
  • Only Dreamborn class is available for this event.
  • Dreamborns don’t have an official theme, they are catalogued by number.
  • Reply under this comment with your Memory Keeper drawing attached to it. Feel free to add a story, personality, and whatnot to your Keeper. This might increase your chances of being chosen!
  • You may create up to two entries, but only one may win. You’re welcome to make official the second entry you made via payment.

Winners will have their Keepers made official for free! 

  • 2 winners will be chosen by the founders: one by mr-tiaa and one by shiroganeRyo.
  • 1 lucky winner will be chosen by raffle in our Discord rolling server.
    Each entry counts as 1 raffle number. Sharing the event (with a link to this post) on your social networks gives you an extra number! Example: tweet about the event, post a journal on Furaffinity, create a status on deviantART, etc. You must link your post when replying to the comment to be eligible for the extra entry.
  • For every 25 users that join, an extra winner will be rolled!
  • Every Keeper made official will receive 5 Memory Fragments.

If you don’t win, you’ll be able to make your Keeper(s) official via payment.

  • Pricing per Keeper is $20 (USD) and payments are made through Paypal invoice only.
  • You have until August ends to pay for your Dreamborn Memory Keeper(s).

The event ends on 11:59 PM on August 4th.
You can no longer submit your entry after that. The Tanabata Festival will have already ended at that time.

Have any doubts or questions? Please, feel free to ask us! We’ll help however we can~★

– Kaguya

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1 year ago

Can the Dream Holograms be in multiple colors?

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

Is it ok if I draw som Refs in the same drawing like a closeup of the Eyes and a other view of the head?

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

“A wonderfully sweet berry can be equally as sour, yet still good.”

There was once a young lioness by the name of Annabelle— a sweet and outgoing soul that, unfortunately, lacked personal confidence behind a confident façade. Ever since she was a cub, she always had a grand dream of running her own dessert-based bakery, but that’s all it ever was to her… a dream. Even as she finally moved out and into a place of her own, she couldn’t even begin to muster up the belief that it was an actually achievable goal for herself.

Despite her own personal doubts, she tried to stay a shiny and peppy light about her friends, family, and other daily life activities. She was always known as the one in her groups to be pretty bold, extroverted, and even confident… so she was at least doing something right. No matter what she could do though, she could never translate such feelings and confidence she played up to her actual self. She just couldn’t understand how she could.

One day, however, her typical days… changed. Her friends invited her out to a wonderful festival– the Tanabata Festival– and she simply couldn’t pass that up. Some time with her friends is what could cheer her up in any dark times she may be going through! Upon arrival, Annabelle marveled at the sights of all of the decorations, and the group quickly went about enjoying themselves at the festival. New foods and drinks were tried, various activities were enjoyed, and then came one that particularly caught Annabelle’s attention… one with things known as tanzaku, centered around wishes.

Before heading over to the activity, she let her friends know, and they continued about what business they were currently up to. When she arrived there, it was at that activity she learned more about what the festival really was for. A tale of two lovers, the season of wishes… She grew to have a newfound sort of appreciation for the festival. Gingerly, she picked up a tanzaku of her choice and wished to herself– a wish she wished for with all of her might. A wish to one day achieve her long-lived dream of her very own successful bakery, and more importantly… to get over her own self, to be able to build up more confidence in herself. Once she was done, she handed off her tanzaku, and it was promptly and carefully tied to one of the many bamboo trees that were about the place. Afterwards, she went on back to her friends, hopeful that maybe… just maybe… her wish will come true.

As time went on, day turned to night, and the fireworks for the night were being prepared. Excitedly, Annabelle and her friends went to the viewing lawn where one could get the best view they could. Not long after, the show began, lighting up the sky in beautiful colored pops of light. She and her friends “ooohed” and “awwwed” at the sight, though despite that all, as Annabelle sat on the ground, her hopes she had for her wish she made were already being tested by her self doubt. It made her feel a little rough, but she pushed on through, instead trying to focus more on the beautiful show of lights before them. Eventually, the show had to come to an end, and once it did, she and her friends got up along with everyone else and proceeded to leave. As her friends and her all came separately and met at the fair, it was only logical that they’d all leave separately as well, so Annabelle wasn’t too fussed about lagging behind the group in a slightly more down mood. Before she could leave through the entrance, though, she was stopped by quite the rude surprise!

As she had reached the entrance of the festival grounds, Annabelle was stopped by something pulling at her tail! She yelped in surprise and quickly turned around, only to see… a keeper? A rather blue berry one at that. She frowned in an upset manner and said that they shouldn’t be rude enough to grab someone’s attention like that, and so, the keeper promptly let her go and apologized… simply because she didn’t know how else to get her attention among the large crowd she was in during the leave. Annabelle forgave her, and the two began talking as the lioness made her way out. They talked about the festival and how they enjoyed it for the time they were at it, though the keeper never did specifically mention just how long they were there. Then the discussion drifted towards the keeper herself– whom Annabelle learned was named Mora. Annabelle wondered where her avatar was and even asked that of her… only to get her name back in response, which surprised her and made her stop in her tracks for a solid minute.

A keeper? Her keeper? Annabelle had never been to the sacred shrine before to see about getting a keeper before, so was this keeper simply pulling some sort of prank on her? Was she without an avatar even, and needed a new one? She wasn’t sure, but then her memory hit her– when she had made her wish. Not only did she learn about the festival, but… there was a small chance that, upon making a wish, that one may be blessed with a special Dreamborn Memory Keeper– one born from strong, true wishes from the heart. Once her initial shock died down, she looked back to Mora. She… she was the result of her wish. One… one that could help her with it, even. After a bit more time to calm down, Annabelle talked with her some more and continued the path on home, but this time expressing more gratitude for the blessing she had just received.


From then on, life was a whole lot different! Annabelle had learned quite a lot about the keeper, and the keeper about her. For one, not only was she pretty peppy and fun– kind of like her– she could also be pretty strict and determined! She could change moods on a dime, depending on the situation. As she had thought way back when, the keeper was indeed a true blessing, sent not only to help her with her own betterment, but to help aid with what keepers naturally do.

It took quite a while, but through dedication and perseverance, Annabelle started to get better. She slowly started to gain more and more confidence, and after one particular push of support from her keeper… she finally took the first step in actually trying to achieve the dream she held near and dear to her heart. She began the planning stages, got input from her friends, input from professionals, and even more for varying opinions and tastes… all while Mora helped her and cheered her on, who started to loosen up a bit more as Annabelle got more and more confident.

Eventually, after enough planning, paperwork, arrangements, and deals… Annabelle finally secured a good money loan to buy, fix up, decorate, and get started with her very own bakery. The day she was finally approved, she felt like she could scream from joy! The journey was long and hard with her personal self doubt, but all it took was a true friend and right motivation for her in the form of her memory keeper to help her overcome herself. She couldn’t have done it without her! That day, she made sure the both of them got the best treats that they could in celebration.

The road to opening was a little rocky, but it was doable, and Annabelle managed to achieve it. Grand opening day was a huge success, and given the area she opened up shop could’ve used a new dessert bakery, business was great from that day on! Life was busy, yes, but it wasn’t really work for her– it was what she loved doing, managing the bakery and helping bake her special desserts. Her keeper would even help in baking from time to time, even, though she mostly preferred getting orders from customers at the tables. Her dream was finally a reality, and she couldn’t have done it without the help of Mora, the keeper she had been blessed with that one precious festival night.


Apologies for the bit of length story– I got a bit carried away with it and wanted to really write it out a bit more in-length! Now that we’re post-story, here’s the little bio for her!

Class: Dreamborn
Name: Mora
Pronouns: She/Her
Blessing: Dream Hologram (Crown + Blueberry-shaped tail extension. It wags with her tail!)
To-Be-Bound-To Avatar: Annabelle
Personality: Mora is a pretty peppy and extroverted keeper! She won’t hesitate to give anyone a friendly little greeting. She loves having fun and making new friends, and can be pretty excitable too! However, despite her pretty sweet exterior, she can also be pretty “sour” too! She can quickly become very stern and determined when the need arises. To sum it up, she’s both sweet and sour, but is still good berry in the end!
Her + Annabelle’s Theme Song: Owl City & Yuna – Shine Your Way

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1 year ago

And my lil advertisement of the event!c:

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1 year ago

This Memory Keeper goes by Cascade, and they identify as female.
They are a keeper of memories and dreams of traveling, adventures far and wide.
Cascade is fairly shy, and is happiest ‘on the go’. She does’nt like to stay settled in one place for very long, and can get somewhat fidgety if they stay in one area too long.

Cascade keeps track of, and manages her own mental maps of all of Her and Olive’s journeys together, helping to guild them further.
She has a keen sense of direction, a heightened navagational ability.
(In practice, this is a elevated version of how migratory animals navigate across the world, knowing exactly where they need to go. Using natural forces and magnetic fields to ‘sense’ where she needs to go)
This makes Cascade not just a excellent travel companion, but guild and assistant to Olive as she ventures further and further from the comfort of her little mountain town.

Reply to  Shukie
1 year ago

Made a advertisment journal on FA!
And i also got abit carried away with a doodle.. so Olivia and Cascade!

Olivia and Cascade smoller.png
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1 year ago

“Faith gives wings to your dreams so they don’t get lost on the way to the moon.”

 A little story from my childhood. When I was little, I used to love looking for shooting stars with myDad. “Shooting stars grant wishes” my father used to say. But it was never really clear to me how stars that fall to earth manage to fulfill wishes. My dad was a very creative person and so he told me about the dream cats. They live on stars and fall with them to earth, there they look for the most beautiful wish and carry it up to the moon, where all wishes are kept, that’s why it shines so brightly because it is filled with all the joy that comes from power of fulfilled wishes arises. Today I’m an adult myself, I don’t have any children of my own, but this beautiful thought is still with me, I told my little patients about it when I was still working as a physiotherapist. Now why is this little lady here special? Because she is my little dream cat. My father died when I was 15, the same year my mother gave me my first abessinien cat, Luna. She was a blue abessinien kitten and I loved her madly. That’s why this little Luna has this color of fur. She wears an opal moon on her forehead, regardless of the fact that I’m a very big Sailor Moon fan to this day, I got a necklace with an opal moon from my father on our last vacation together. My greatest treasure (after my husband and my cats, of course ;3). For me, the combination of this color pattern, the cat and the opal is my favorite combination, you can find it in many of my paintings and designs that I make for myself like my Fursona or Adopts. When my Luna then returned to the moon, she took my wishes with her. She fulfilled one of my greatest wishes, she sent me my current husband, my soulmate, with whom I have been happily together for 15 years.

Dreamkeeper Luna with Hologram

Class: Dreamborn
Name: Luna
Pronouns: She/Her
Blessing: Dream Hologram (Wings)
Personality: Luna is lovable, caring and at times mischievous. She loves snuggly blankets, a place in the sun and food, preferably chicken. No door is safe from her, she gets them all open. She enjoys bird watching and tries very hard to take care of her Famelie. With her strongest weapon, the purr, she has convinced almost everyone to pet her.

Song that I heard during Painting:

Advertisement of the event:


Dreamkeeper Luna without Hologram.png
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1 year ago

Each failure only brings me more strength, more determination. I can be knocked down, bruised, beaten, but my spirit will remain strong and burn stronger in all those whose lives my story touches. I came from nothing but ashes and ruin, the last of my lines, locked away by those who wish to steal my family’s secrets and use their powers for their gain. But my story will never end here. There will be others who rise to take the chance to overthrow these beings, reclaim our right to be, and my dreams, our dreams, will never die.

A soft spoken echo, growing louder with each voice that speaks up. A dream can be born from a soft light within that cannot be extinguished no matter how many wish to smother it.

Name: TBA
Holograms: Wings with feathers floating off, feathers not always present.

Thank you for the chance! I don’t want to get too in depth cause then I’ll just keep going on forever. XD

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

“Rise like a phoenix from the ache and fly, fly as far as your wings will take you”

I’m a little older now, but I’ve never lost my inner child. I still love many things that I loved growing up including dragons, unicorns and the phoenix. For me the phoenix symbolizes hope and joy of life and no matter how badly the phoenix is doing, it rises from its own ashes, so my little Ashivon here is the little bringer of hope, the wish for something better, the desire for change and the wish to rise and fly like a phoenix from its own ashes.

Class: Dreamborn
Name: Ashivon
Pronouns: He/him
Blessing: Dream Hologram (Phoenix)
Personality: Ash is cheerful and always has a smile on his face. Even when times are bad, he’s always hopeful

Song that I heard during Painting (yes I love this Song at the moment :3):
Advertisement of the event:

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

A gentle sound can be heard on the winds of the nearby area. Out of nowhere pops up a silver-haired memory keeper with glowing maple leaves around him. He seems just as shocked and like he saw a ghost as he slowly gets up and shakes a leaf from his hair. Suddenly, his shock turns to a charming smile as he goes to introduce himself.

“Sorry for startling you~ I was hunting for some herbs, leaves, and various berries in the area and heard something behind my bush.” He spoke gently and smoothly as he tilted his head cutely.

There was a bag on his side holding the items he had been describing and he wagged his tail a bit to show the fluffy mass a bit better behind him. It seemed that he was the gentle but playful type, and he gave a cute grin before moving to grab another leaf from a nearby bush. His dream hologram was two-colored and shined lightly on the other leaves of the bushes, looking almost like fireflies if you had missed them in the full leaf shape.

“These kinds of leaves are edible if you would like to try one~ They are often sweet and some can be a bit on the tangy side, but I hear some of the finest juices are made from these~” The maple leaf covered dreamborn plopped one of the leaves in his mouth before freezing and squeezing his eyes shut. “Th-That was a tangy one for sure… But still just as tasty!” He chuckled it off and then put a few more in his bag.

This one was very optimistic and sweet while also being a big gentleman, too. One of the kindest that was out there one could say. He didn’t seem to have a home, however. Perhaps he did and it was just a little farther than he had time to get back to. Either way, he seemed to be having a relaxing time here in the forest and in his element for the most part.

Wherever the winds of destiny take him, he is sure to find a perfect match and be just as relaxed. I’m sure of it.


Name: Unknown for the moment!
Pronouns: He/Him
Personality: Sweet, Gentle, and Playful!
About: He likes to wander about the forest for hours to relax and comes home only once he has had his fill and gotten enough supplies for different things like stews and other goodies. He finds being in nature very nice and therapeutic.
Dream Hologram: Maple Leaves (that have a sense of relaxation and calmness in meaning here)

Reply to  TroubledFox
1 year ago

My advertisements for the event can be found here as well! QwQb

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago


A hidden gem. That is what they can be called. Yet, they are not commonly recognized. 
And others thank them in person, and in another way. But others cannot do anything but thank them when the opportunity shines on them.

But all of that is in the past.

and yet, the wish of gratitude stays with Equinox in the present days, who is a Librarian that occasionally looked at the archived resources. She finds comfort in books and archived resources.

“Past is meant to be seen.”

That is what she believes as she realized that people are not appreciating what they have now. She recognized the past that led to the present days.

Trailblazers – a noun that described them, yet they were forgotten.

The library is closed for the day and Equinox called it her home as she often rested in the library more than anyone else. That is when a picture of Saturn, captured Equinox’s heart. It was taken during Solstice season on Saturn, by a popular spacecraft that the mission team was also not often recognised in the present day.

“I wonder how that spacecraft feel about what I am seeing in the present days…” She thought as she imagines through the eyes of a certain spacecraft. Solstice and Equinox – Two opposite seasons, but they share a planet like a Polar star. And to her surprise…

The memories of the spacecraft were not archived, but rather…recorded. The chapters on the spacecraft and the mission team’s journey were told through images. An image is needed to explain a thousand words of thoughts and feelings. What do those images want to say? What do those images contain?

To Equinox, those images told untold stories – A slice of life stories of those who worked on the mission that the spacecraft took those images. The countless hours of sleeplessness, and worries, the pride, the relief – Every single emotion they felt, every single thought they thought, all for their shining spacecraft. The spacecraft is the manifestation of their efforts, the reflection of their thoughts. Like Pygmalion, the team can feel the ‘humanity’ of the spacecraft, and so do Equinox as well. She can feel how much the spacecraft comforted the team. 

As she looked at the images and think with all of her heart, she noticed something.
Cassini. A name is written in her eyes through the images. It was right here – she quietly, unknowingly burst into tears. 

“Cassini…I wish I can meet your team, so I can thank them in person – Thanking them for whatever they did. Whatever they feel. All just for you to shine in the brightest spotlight and that is the brilliance of Saturn.”

As Equinox said, her tears dropped towards the images. In her eyes, her tears dropped where the name is seen within the image. It was a peak of a meteor shower. One caught Equniox’s attention that she stepped outside of the library. Could it be that the spacecraft heard Equniox’s wish? She thought, despite knowing that it’s highly not possible. Yet, she wonders about the possibilities. Looking at the meteor shower, Equinox feels like this is her dream – A dream to thank those who work on a space mission. Then she closed her eyes.

“I wish I can thank them with all of my might to wish, hoping for the stars to carry my gratitude to them and for my dream to thank those who worked on spacecraft in person to become true.”

Equinox was wishing with all of her might. She can feel the impact of the image she saw, and she can feel her burning desire to thank the team. She let those feelings take over her, letting those feelings shine and letting the stars see their presence.

She didn’t know how long she wished until suddenly she felt a touch, something touched her. A sense of warmth, like the thermal blanket. Equinox opened her eyes and followed the sense of the touch, she looked down and saw a creature touching her leg. Where could this creature come from, she thought as she saw the defining features – The core. 

A Keeper? What is it doing here? Equinox went from desperate to surprise as she never expected a Keeper to be here. Could her wish brought the keeper here? 
The keeper smiled with the star hologram glow brighter. She realized that just like Cassini, the keeper manifested Equniox’s feelings and desires.

Then everything clicked on her – It was the meteor shower period, the season of Dreamborn Keeper, born from one’s wish. It’s indeed that Equniox’s desperate wish brought the keeper here, though Equinox thought the credit goes to Cassini instead. But Equinox knows the keeper was born from her gratitude wish, the keeper is her own keeper. The unnamed keeper smiled again – Equinox felt the joy within the keeper, the same joy she felt from the image of Saturn she saw earlier. Equinox wants to name the keeper after Cassini, but she felt that it can lead to confusion since Cassini can mean a lot of things like the Cassini Division, the gap between Saturn’s rings for example. Equinox thought for a while before a name in her mind captured what she felt perfect. 


Yes, the same Saturn season that the images were taken. Equinox thought, naming the keeper after the Saturn season that the image was taken is perfect as it will remind her of this moment. Equinox looked up to the night skies again with the meteor shower still appearing in the skies as she know one thing…

The journey to make her dream come true has just begun.



Name: Solstice
Class: Dreamborn Memory Keeper
Pronouns: She/Her
Blessing: Dream Hologram (Stars)
To-Be-Bound-To Avatar: Equinox
Personality: Solstice sees each situation with thoughtful consideration and backup plans like a true strategist. As a result, she is optimistic, no matter how blended the situation can be through many people’s eyes. But through Equniox’s eyes, she also tends to dwell on the past instead of the future and is currently trying her best to overcome this with drawing and stargazing as her hobbies. She is an all-around graceful and determined Dreamborn keeper that is determined to see through everything til the end. 

Signature Quote: “Carrying the wishes of Gratitude, I will do my best to make your dream come true.”


  • Talking about her plans – especially when comes to planning stuff. 
  • Stargazing
  • Images of the Solar System


  • Confit


  • Colour – Star Yellow
  • Planet – Saturn
  • Shape – Star
  • Food – TBD
  • Quote – “There is a powerful recognition that stirs within us when we see our own little blue ocean planet in the skies of other worlds.”

Equinox + Solstice’s Character Theme: [Arcaea] Last | Moment



Dreamborn Inspiration: From my deepest desire to thank the team who work on a space mission, like Cassini

Backstory Inspiration:

This is where your dreams begins

Following the wishes in your heart

– A extract from Tokyo Disneysea’s 15th Anniversary Theme Song Lyrics



I finally redesigned my previous Dreamborn into a completely brand new look. As the result, Cassini (the Dreamborn) is renamed Solstice. This is literally the first time I place clothing and hair into a Memory Keeper – So I am really proud of the final outcome! Since there is a big improvement in my drawing and writing between the two Dreamborn MYO events, I also go all out in both the drawing and writing parts. Disclaimer: Cassini in the lore is just a image, not the actual thing!

If there is anything that needs to change, I am happy to make the change.

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

“You are your own Star! Write your OWN story”

All of Suzume’s life, she is known for being the reliable one of the Ume Family. The Ume Family was known for their traditional Japanese dance and Tea Ceremonies. Which helps for Suzume who was known for regal, graceful, and striking in her dance.
However, this wasn’t what she wanted be known for.
Suzume wants to be known for her knowledge in Astronomy and Mythology. She yearn to learn more about the Stars and about the different beliefs, folklores of the world. However, being the oldest of the family, Suzume was to learn about how to be the next head of the Ume Family and continue the tradition.

Her younger sibling, Usagi, has more lenience then Suzume, came up with an idea with the help of their Keeper, Athena. The two decided to head Gekkou Inn and decided to make a wish for Suzume.

“Please…give her a friend. Someone who will remind her that she doesn’t always have to give up on her dreams. Someone who will remind her that while she may dance…..that she can also be her own Star. To tell her own Story”

Artemis came from that wish.
Suzume was surprise that this Dream Keeper appeared before her.
She is bright and cheerful. She loves to race off, trying to find a new adventure and story to explore.
Artemis was a bit mischivous at times, just like Usagi, finding ways to get Suzume to relax at times and even help her find ways to learn more about different Anthologizes, Mythologies, and Folklores. Especially on Greek Mythologies.

Class: Dreamborn
Name: Artemis
Pronouns: She/Her
Blessing: Dream Hologram Stars

Dream Memory Keeper Artimus 2 3.png
Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

“There will Always be Hope in the Dark”

Antoinette was quiet happy with her life.
She gets to preform at her dream job, Cirque Sunset as an Aerialist with her memory Keeper Hizashi at her side.
She didn’t have the same pressures as her half siblings. Having finding out that her father was not only a man of a High Class Aristocracy but was actually a big sister to 3 siblings. Granted, Antoinette was a result of an affair; she didn’t care about the names her father’s side of the family calls her. She didn’t care, the only thing that matter to her was giving hope and wonder to her sweet half siblings.
She gets to see Gail quiet of bit thanks to Usagi, Gail’s lover, and his Memory Keeper, Aizawa, who makes sure to keep their father from being too hard on him.
Annie still worries for the younger siblings, Vila and Alfredo. Espically, Vila, as she hears that their father doesn’t really acknowledges her very much. She decides to try making a wish for her two younger siblings.

“Please….show them that there is always Hope in the world.”

Lux became that hope that was need in the family, especially to Vila.
He plays little tricks, gives the comfort that one needs, telling little stories, making um….lovely questionable dishes for mister frumpy pants without being spotted, and more. He may go things ‘questionable’ dress up (but hey he and Vila is having fun so what’s wrong with the extra bows in his hair and fur?) but if it made Vila break into a big smile and brighten her glow then BRING ON MORE DRESS UPS!

Lux mainly is seen just laying on Vila’s lap, being the ever silent guard ‘dog’ to keep her Hope glowing.

Class: Dreamborn
Name: Lux
Pronouns: He/Him
Blessing: Dream Hologram N/A (I had too many ideas for it)

Dream Memory Keeper Lux 2.png
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1 year ago

Marilynn and her keeper, Alice, make their way up to Kaguya to choose out which tanzaku aligns best with them. Smiling softly, they choose the blue tanzaku.

Looking to her tanzaku, Marilynn speaks her wish– “Self-improvement is something I try and do as best I can… I may not be able to be perfect, but I wish to grow better and more at peace when it comes to understanding certain things, such as emotions and others’ perspectives.”

Alice looks to Marilynn with a proud smile.

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Vermilion and Kaiden approach slowly, both boys clouded in thought. Yulina shyly peeks from behind, timidly greeting Kaguya before grabbing a yellow tanzaku.

”I would love to perhaps increase the number of relationships in my life… being new around here I-I would like to get to know others better. Not to mention Vermilion has had troubles as of late so some success would be n-nice there too.” Yulina almost whispers.Vermilion softly smiles at her while Kaiden, still lost in his own thoughts baps at some of the other tanzaku floating in the breeze.

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Olivia pauses as she looks towards the brightly colored decorations and lets out a deep sigh. Her ears perk up as she quietly listens in on the conversation between the two keepers.
Her village had its own rituals and beliefs, But she knows very little about this ‘shinto’ religion and its practices.
But her curiousity gets the better of her and she steps forward.
She bows her head at Kaguya, “I hope i’m not intruding..”
But her worries are quickly snuffed out by Kaguya’s explination and offering of a Tanzaku.

Olivia has another think, and picks up the red tanzaku, her lips making a half smile as she takes a deep breath. She places the piece of red paper down and starts to write.
“i wish that my family back home are in good health, and realise how glad i am that they raised me so well and gave me the freedom to follow my dreams and see more of the world.”
Her family was understandably worried when she wanted to leave their village and set off, But knew she would be alright.
She lets out a happy sigh and takes the paper in her hand, giving alot of thought to the words she wrote.
She ties her wish to tree and takes a step back, admiring all the colorful decor and the many other wishes tied to the bamboo.
“thank you very much.” She bows her head once more to Kaguya and turns to make her way elsewhere, a whif of festival food having caught her attention.

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It’s a tough choice for Oracherini and Esperanza. Oracherini like stars a lot, so festivals like Tanabata really make her overload with excitement. Esperanza on the other hand is curious about the world, even the festival.

Both of them may have different beliefs or more. But then they realized one common thing that may tie them together – they slowly approach Kaguya and both of them choose a red tanzaku together with both their hand and paw over the tanzaku and wrote a common wish, synced and in harmony.

“I am grateful for those who came before us, for those trailblazers who leave a trail for us as their future. We may or may not be able to see them in person, even if they are with good or bad intentions, even with great visions or desires, but we are thankful to have what we have today, thanks to them. May the stars carry our gratitude to them.”

Both Oracherini and Esperanza looked at each other and were surprised upon realising that they have the exact same wish. They stared at each other for a while and then smile at each other, before giving their red tanzaku to Kaguya with dignity and enlightenment in their hearts.

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Luzon makes his way to the different colors of tanzaku and looks at them in thought as he looks over their meanings. Some were more of a draw than others, but in the end, he chooses to go with…

A Blue Tanzaku.

He had thought it through long enough to know that he would love to have some self-improvement and tranquility. He was having a hard time with being too trapped in the shy bubble he was in and he wanted to burst free from that kind of feeling and live his life without worry!

“I shall choose the blue one… I wish to find self-improvement and tranquility. My mind has been restless as of late and the tranquil nature of this tanzaku might help with bringing more peace than once thought impossible for myself.”

He brings the blue tanzaku over and smiles softly at the memory keeper in front of him.