[Event] What dreams are made of [CLOSED]

After walking a little, you find yourself at Noah’s tent. It’s not particularly hard to spot even amid the Tanabata Festival decorations everywhere – it looks exactly the same as it did last time you saw it at Pagus Village. You listen to pieces of conversation as you walk in.

Your contribution to my research is helpful beyond words, I’m certain I wouldn’t come across these on my own. I could kiss you!

Now, wouldn’t that be funny.

(…Would it?)

Noah’s gaze then falls on you, golden adornments glinting under the tent’s dim lights.

My, my~☆ What a delight it is to see yet another familiar face~! Have you come just to see me, or are you interested in my services, star child? I have something under my sleeve that might interest you. Care for a break in our exchange, Alecsander?

Oh, please don’t mind me. Everything you’ve told me so far has already been safely recorded by Sylvan back in the Archives, but I still need to write things down myself to keep them handy. I can do that in the meantime.

Wonderful, sounds perfect to me~☆ You know, star child; I was just telling our dear Archivist here that I’ve found a neat secret during my travels. Have a seat, I’m eager to tell you, nfufu~☆

You get comfortable on a chair Noah gestures you to, sitting across Alecsander, whose side of the table is completely covered with papers scribbled on in rushed cursive handwriting. His absurd writing pacing fills yet another page at impressive speed. You can make out some words if you stare long enough – but staring too much would probably be impolite.

A magic aura reminiscent of the stars surrounds you, grasping your full attention. Is it the tent’s own environment, or is it because of the secret Noah is about to share with you?

As one who’s able to commune with the stars, I’m able to see many mystic and intriguing things, as you can imagine~☆ This time, I was struck with invaluable information: the secret behind what grants the Dreamborns the ability to project dreams into holograms. That being said, I can tell you how to attain such power.

You lean in, more and more absorbed into Noah’s words as he explains the magic behind it.

How do you describe a very strong wish you have, a goal you really wish to achieve?

A “dream”.

In brief, simpler words; to bring something from the metaphorical realm of endless possibilities into reality, where things truly happen, you must first understand the nature of your wish, of your “dream” – so it can take shape and be projected into an image that perfectly represents its essence.

This is a journey of self-discovery and soul searching. You can try finding the meaning by yourself… or you can show me a reenactment of your dream and the stars shall enlighten you with that which you seek.

Which one will it be, star child?~☆

If you want to try your hand at it, you only have to give me the amount of Memory Fragments I will be using as materials to craft your own share of Dream Pieces – with a small service fee, of course~☆

Oh, but if you require the help of the stars instead, why don’t we make this more fun for you and me? Nfufu~☆


To participate, you must have a Memory Keeper under your name on the Masterlist. Memory Keepers already blessed with Dream Hologram aren’t eligible for this event.

  • Make a drawing of your Memory Keeper showing off their Dream Hologram blessing. The max drawing resolution is 1200 x 1200px, bigger files won’t upload properly.
  • If you want to purchase the Blessing Item:
    Please reply under this comment.
  • If you want to get the Blessing for free:
    Reply under this comment with your Keeper’s Masterlist entry and an attached file of your drawing.
  • The Dream Hologram you design for your Keeper must fit under the blessing effect. Please refer to the Blessings Guide for more information about it. If there’s any issue with your design we’ll let you know and you’ll be asked to change it.
  • You may enter one time with each one of your eligible Memory Keepers.

By entering the activity your Memory Keeper will receive the Dream Hologram blessing.

The event ends at 11:59 PM on August 4th.
You can no longer submit your entry after this date.

Have any questions? Let me know, and I shall quench your curiosity~☆

– Noah

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Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

I would like to purchase one, if I may!

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

ML: https://www.memorykeepers.art.br/2021/06/30/0092-rosa-kordesii/

Despite Kaiden’s reluctance to share his dreams, Yulina’s encouragement ensured the plantae that what he dreamed of wasn’t out of the ordinary. Beautiful flowers floating in a soft, dreamy atmosphere. Calm and collected. To his surprise his dreams… became real?!

(I can provide a transparent if needed I just put it on the background color because for me at least it was hard to see the softness of them on white. XD)

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

ML: https://www.memorykeepers.art.br/2021/06/29/0083-fennec-fox/

The little keeper steps his way up before the other, thinking of the wishes and dreams he may have within himself. He wished for things that were of what he already knew of. Things that were a part of him and that he was dreaming of exploring when the time came for it. Time. That was something that he always found so intriguing. Such as the sand in an hourglass is always falling and becoming more intriguing as the grains fall. And so, hoping his wishes weren’t all too out of the realm of this world, he closed his eyes and wished for the best.

possible hologram.png
Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
1 year ago

ML: https://www.memorykeepers.art.br/2021/06/29/0089-rose-breasted-grosbeak/

At first, Alice was a bit unsure. To share her personal dream was something she was a bit nervous about doing, but she managed to put forth the courage needed after a minute to herself. The dreams were of dark nights, ones upon an endless field beneath the wonderfully starlit sky. She was alone, yet… also not so much alone. Shadows were about everywhere– seemingly living, ever changing… each one unique in its own way. While she wasn’t truly alone, at times she would indeed feel so. During such dreams, she’d hope a friend would appear– any of them of the few she did have– yet they didn’t. The dreams felt as if they were bad ones at times because of this, but… they didn’t turn out to be so bad after all, as her stronger desire for a friend of hers to appear manifested in the form of, well… a simple shadow. One she grew to have as a friend over the course of her dreams. While these dreams were dreams in the most literal sense, the desire of them was still the same– she wanted to grow and make more friends, be it with the shadows themselves, like in her dreams, or with the ones about her.

Alice Dream Hologram.png