🎊 Here comes 2022~

NPCs Capella and Alecsander during the Moon Capital’s New Year fireworks show.

🎊 A new year is upon us! 🎊

We would like to thank all of you who stuck together with us, even if 2021 was a year of much inactivity in the Closed Species due to the migration from the DeviantArt group to this website. We’re very grateful not only for the members who were so patient with us but also for the new friends that joined us along the way!

Here’s to hoping 2022 will be a prosperous year for everyone – not only inside Memory Keepers, but also in the outside world. May this year treat all of us more gently and bring us nice achievements to be proud of and happy about.

Here’s a recap of our progress in the Main Story during 2021:

We’re currently stationed at…
The Moon Capital.

🎍 What we need to do to progress the story is…
Help Kaguya-hime build her rocket. Head over to Kaguya’s Marvelous Invention‘s page to check it out!

🎍 Our last region-specific event was…
Kiku’s Special Ozoni. Unfortunately, no one joined this time. Were they too busy…?

🎍 One side activity we managed to complete was…
Alecsander’s Request. We unraveled the Impression Memory Keepers’ secrets!

🎍 Overall, our progress in this region is…
65%! Look for chores to do and side activities to participate in and help progress the story!

Since it’s also the first day of a new month, the Sacred Shrine has been opened for visits of those who wish to make money offerings to the Nature Forces and receive a MYO. We apologize for the delay in the opening; it’ll stay open for a little longer to make up for that, closing on the 4th instead.

We look forward to playing with all of you this year! The Memory Keepers Team wishes all of you a marvelous New Year and holidays break for those who have them.

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