Kiku’s Special Ozoni 2021 [CLOSED]

The Ozōni is a traditional dish at the Moon Capital; it’s a soup with mochi rice cakes inside that is served on New Years, to wish for a happy and prosperous upcoming year.

Here at the inn, we take pride in making and serving the best Ozoni in the entire region!

Our cook, Kiku, prepares each soup individually to better suit our customers’ taste, while also adding some magical ingredients that will, literally, bless the New Year of our Memory Keeper guests; such ingredients aren’t easy to find so if you’d like to try our specialty, it’s necessary to book your order beforehand. Are you interested?

How to book your order 🔖🏵️

You must own a Memory Keeper in order to participate in this activity.

1. Choose your ingredients

Mochi is the main ingredient of the Ozoni, but you may pick up to 3 side ingredients from our list to add up to your experience. Each ingredient may have a different effect when eaten by a Keeper.

Please be sure you have the necessary amount of Memory Fragments in your bank to pay for the ingredients.
For more info about blessings, please check out the Blessing Guide.

2. Talk to Kiku

Once you have decided which ingredients you’d like, let Kiku know by replying HERE (form to be filled in comment). Each Memory Keeper may eat only ONCE, but there’s no limit to how many Keepers may eat.
You have until December 31st at 11:59PM (BRT) to book an order.

(OPTIONAL) You may make a drawing of your Memory Keeper eating the ordered Ozoni; if you do it your chances of earning a blessing will be boosted to 100% for all the ingredients you choose for the drawn Keeper. The drawing must include a full-body of your Memory Keeper and the Ozoni soup and have at least base colors. Adding a background and other characters isn’t necessary and won’t add up anything.

Please submit all drawings to the correct folder.

3. Wait for New Year!

Kiku will serve you the Ozoni you requested on January 1st; if your Keeper had the luck to be blessed by any of the magical ingredients you choose (or if you added a drawing to your form), the blessings will be added to your Keeper’s ML entry as well!

The Blessings will be rolled in our Discord Server.

Do you still have any questions? Ask HERE and we’ll answer ASAP!

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