Appraisal Center

Are you looking to rehome your Keeper because you feel like you aren’t a good owner for them anymore? Did they misbehave and are being sent off? This is the right place for me to possibly help you on defining an official price for their adoption fee.

All I ask you is to comment below with the following form:

  • Your username:
  • Your Keeper’s masterlist entry:


  • Even if your Keeper’s Masterlist registry is updated to reflect the appraised price, it is advised for you to hold onto the appraisal analysis comment you receive as a response on this journal, just in case you’re prompted with a proof request. Think of it as a safety measure!
  • A Keeper’s appraised price is their official price, but they can be sold for less or more than the value stated on their Mastelist registry if the current owner so wishes. It is advised to always check the Keeper’s Masterlist before buying one from someone else who’s not a founder or mod. We are not to be held responsible for inconsistencies a Keeper’s price may have when changing owners.
  • For more practical organization purposes, I take a look at all forms once every week. I ask you to be patient if you submit a form and I don’t review it right away. I’ll let you know once I do!

If you have any questions, please visit the Help Center.

Thank you,
– Sylvan🌼

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