Bingo Game

Hey, hey! Are you ready to listen about my newest brilliant idea?

Ever since the folks from the town left on the expedition, I’ve been bored to death! Sylvan is still doing her job in the Archives, Izrail is still taking care of the storage vaults… and I’m the only one not doing anything fun! Even if working can be monotone, having something to do can fill your time with some excitement, you know? And since I’m so creative, I thought of something I can do, too!

I’m sure you’re seeing and doing all kinds of interesting things in your adventures, right? Each step taken forward is something to celebrate for sure. Everyone knows celebrating is my thing, so I of course thought of a fun way to award you for your efforts! And that is…


🎊 Bingo Game! 🎊

Every time you stack some achievements, you can redeem a small prize. If you get the card all checked and filled up, the final grand prize is yours! Sounds neat, eh?

📖 Rules

Complete the goal achievements to earn prizes! Each time you completely fill a line, column or diagonal on your card, you can claim a small prize. When you complete your entire card, you can claim the final prize. It’s a total of 12 small prizes and 1 big prize per completed card, and only 1 card per member.

You need to comment linking proof of your complete activities and telling us which part of your card you’re claiming prizes for. Take a look at the Goal list below to see what are the achievements for each numbered square. You can check the numbers yourself on your card if you wish as well, but you’ll still need to show proof you completed them.

🏁 Goals

  1. Draw your own Memory Keeper OR Draw one of the Memory Keeper NPCs
  2. Draw someone else’s Memory Keeper
  3. Create your own Avatar and get it approved
  4. Draw someone else’s Avatar
  5. Get art of your Avatar and/or Memory Keeper from someone else
  6. Participate of at least 1 DTA event
  7. Participate of at least 1 WTA event
  8. Participate of at least 1 Dreamborn event
  9. Complete the Tutorial Mission at least once
  10. Complete the Battle Training (TBA) at least once
  11. Complete the Rebuilding Task (TBA) at least once
  12. Earn at least 3 Key Items
  13. Own at least 1 Magic Item
  14. Own at least 1 Held Item
  15. Purchase something from the Dalmatian Merchants (TBA)
  16. Purchase something from Henry (TBA)
  17. Purchase something from Noah
  18. Collect 20x Memory Fragments
  19. Collect 5x Shiny Nuggets
  20. Collect 20x Wood
  21. Collect 20x Meat
  22. Collect 20x Coal
  23. Join the group
  24. Join our Discord Server
  25. 🐾 Free Space

💰 Prizes

10x Memory Fragments OR 10x Community Resource (player’s choice) OR 1 of the following: Blessed Seed, Blessed Egg or Blessed Spores

The complete card awards you:
1x Protocore of your choice (Plantae, Animalia OR Mikros) + 1x Miraculous Potion

🎁 Claiming your prizes

Before claiming a prize, you need to show proof of your achievements. Hushabye will tell his parrot friends to hand you your item after you show the form below all filled up in a reply to this comment.

  • Username:
  • Line/column/diagonal/complete card: tell us which one of these you’re claiming
  • Activity Proofs:
  • Chosen prize:

Examples of Proof:

  • Drawing someone else’s Keeper/Avatar = link to your drawing
  • Participating in a DTA = link to your entry
  • Collecting Memory Fragments = in case you don’t have them in your bank at the moment of claiming, you can link to the comment where you earned them
  • Joining the group/Discord server = tell us who you are; we’ll check!

And so on… Drawings and entries done before the release of this game also count!

But, in case you still have questions, feel free to ask here! These friendly parrots love to talk and will use up any excuse to do so.

Have fun playing with us in Memory Keepers! 💖
Don’t forget to check back once you’ve gotten enough achievements completed to earn prizes.

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2 years ago

comment imageNeed help with anything? Hit me up, fam! 👌 

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2 years ago

Can you be any cuter?

Reply to  iiJellyDog
2 years ago

comment image “This isn’t even my final form! ;>”

Reply to  ShiroganeRyo
2 years ago

Do we get a unique bingo card or is it just the one pictured above? :3

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

Thank you!  😊 

2 years ago

comment image “*stretches leggy* Claim prize? Claim prize?”