Chapter 2.2: Alecsander’s Request

Well, it seems our brief meeting is over at last, and I ensure you this piece of history has been carefully recorded by my Keeper! She stayed at the Archives to take care of matters like these other than the Masterlist registries.

You and Sylvan planned to make a historical log, didn’t you, Ale?

Yes, that’s right. My notes are just so I keep important details around; the true log is safely stored in the Archives.

The information you gave helped us put together several pieces of what happened back then… Thank you very much, Mr. Taketori.

Oh, it’s nothing~ I’m very happy to see you made your way here, Capella; your mother will always dwell in my heart, I won’t ever forget everything she has done for me. It’s a pleasure to aid you on your expedition in any way.

Thank you for the kind words, sir. I’ll surely honor what my mother has done for everyone.

*sensing the impeding homicidal tendencies* …If you wouldn’t mind, sir, could I ask you one more thing?

Yes, of course; what is it?

About the creature we saw earlier, Tamamo; She is a Keeper, isn’t she?

Oh, that’s right! She is a Memory Keeper.

What kind of Keeper is she? She doesn’t seem to match any of the information we have so far in the Archives.

Oh, about that… I’m afraid I can’t be of much help, young man, as I don’t know much about her myself.
One day, she appeared in front of me, stating it was her duty to help protect the Capital; from that day onwards, she became the one to put to the test anyone who wishes to pass through.

*writing down on his notes* She’s a rather mysterious Keeper, I see.

Now that you mention it, she is indeed one of a kind. I do believe some of the citizens here might know a thing or two that might help with your research, though. Tamamo is very amiable and loves to talk~

That sounds perfect!

Alecsander then turns around to face the group.

I believe we’re all settling in before doing anything else, but are any of you going to take a look around the city right now? May I ask you to search for clues on Tamamo, the mysterious Keeper, while you’re at it? Of course, I wouldn’t let the favor go unrewarded. For your efforts in helping my research, you’ll get some Memory Fragments, as a token of my thanks!

The citizens here are also very warm towards travelers. You might get welcoming gifts from them, as well~

I’ll be joining in on the search myself a little later. Capella, can we talk in private?

Sure. Where?

Oh! Let me show all of you to your rooms and offer you some tea, then.

Sounds perfect, thank you, sir.

I’d like to show them around the Capital after we’re done arranging things here in the inn, is that alright, father? Maybe that would help them with the search, too~★

Of course, suit yourself, my dear. Just don’t hold them for too long, they must be tired from the long travel.

Okay! I’ll show you all the pretty places, Amalthea!

That surely sounds exciting, my child~♪

What would you like to do?

>> Go to the city to start on the search <<
>> Follow Kaguya’s lead <<
>> Eavesdrop on Capella and Alecsander <<

📜 Instructions

This is a reaction and interaction-based activity!
Interact with the NPCs around the Capital to gather information on Tamamo, and help unlock her full profile on the ML. This activity works as follows:

  • There will be some NPCs available for interactions in the main comment on this journal. Pick one and approach them, interacting with your character (Avatar, Memory Keeper, or both). They’ll answer anything you ask about, so be wise and keep your focus on asking if they know something about Tamamo!
  • You’ll get 5x Memory Fragments for helping out. They can only be redeemed once, no matter how much info you get from the NPCs. 
  • Each NPC can only interact with 1 user per time. This means you can’t pick more than one NPC to talk to at the same time; you must wait for the dialogue to conclude before picking another one.
  • You’ll know the dialogue has concluded if they bid you farewell, or give away items.
  • Conversely, if an NPC has already given you information, trying to talk to the same NPC again won’t unlock new information.
  • This activity will conclude as soon as all NPCs have been talked to.
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2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User Troubled-Fox @ dA talked with Tsuru.
Information they found out:

Luzon: “Oh! Hello there! I almost m-missed you there! N-Nice to meet you! Is there anything that s-seems to be the matter or that you need h-help with?”

Tsuru: “Hello, little friend~ How sweet of you to offer help! But no worries, at the moment I’m just on my way to get some delicious kare pan ♥ What about you? Do you need something?”

Luzon: “I-I’m so glad to hear that you are alright! I thought I m-might ask just in case! K-Kare pan? I don’t know if I’ve e-ever had it before! It sounds y-yummy for sure, though!~ Hm! I believe I am alright for now! Thank you for a-asking!~ I really appreciate it! ♥”

Tsuru: “You never had Kare Pan? That’s rare, it’s such a popular treat!! But now that I think about it, I believe it’s the first time I see you, little friend, could it be that you are from another place?”

Luzon: “I’m afraid that I haven’t had that before! I have heard of it maybe, but I-I am a bit n-new here so I may not be familiar with s-some things I’m afraid! I-I would love to learn about this place some time, however. The Kare Pan sounds like it would be a y-yummy treat to try!”

Tsuru: “Well, if you want to learn more about the things from here, what do you say we start with the basics? For example; you’re a traveler, aren’t you? Tamamo is the first thing everyone sees, but not everyone knows much about her. I can tell you all Keepers of her kind have a very powerful blessing, we call it “Matter Creation”; it allows the Keeper to manipulate elements of nature, like Tamamo does to create those will-o-wips on her tails.

Isn’t that interesting? This kind of ability could tell lots about someone’s culture or story; to understand it, you just need to look closely, with an open heart.”

The crane takes a little coal from his pocket and offers it to you.

“These are used to bake the Kare Pan, you can take it with you~”

Earned items: x5 Coal (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User RoseAnneSun @ dA talked with Seishin.
Information they found out:

Buruu: “Miss, I think I saw someone similar to him on my way here…Can you tell us more about him?”

Lorelei: “We’ll help you find him!”

Seishin: “Thank you! He’s about my height and wears a blue robe with a yellow stripe and obi; we’re twins!

I haven’t seen you around, are you new to the city? If that’s true, you’ve seen Tamamo! My brother also wears a mask that resembles her face markings!”

Lorelei: “Yup, we just arrived some time ago!”

Buruu: “Let’s go look for your brother together, okay? What’s your name?”

Lorelei: “That mask of yours also looks like Tamamo!!! She seems to be really popular around here, huh?”

Buruu: “Ah, speaking of…Do you know what exactly is Tamamo? I-is she some kind of goddess-? ( 〣 •́ •̀ ) (hope I didn’t anger her-)”

Seishin: “My name is Seishin! And Tamamo isn’t a goddess; she’s an Impression Memory Keeper! If you tell me your names, I can tell you something really nice about them!”

Buruu: “My name’s Buruu, and this is my Keeper, Lorelei.”

Lorelei: “Nice to meet you, Seishin! (˙▿˙ =^) Do tell us more~”

Buruu: “We still need to look for her brother…”

Seishin: “It’s nice to meet you, Buruu and Lorelei! Mom and dad always tell me not to talk to strangers, but now we can be friends!

By the way, you’re a very cute Keeper, Lorelei! You know the wispy thingies floating around Tamamo’s neck? Those are all cores! Different from you, Impression Memory Keepers have multiple cores floating around their neck. This is because of how they’re born!

She also has 4 horns instead of 2 or only 1. If you see my brother, tell him I’ll be waiting here in front of the takoyaki stand! He could tell you everything about how Impressions are born!”

Seishin offers to hand you something.

“This is a welcoming gift! Dad says sharing is caring!”

Earned items: 1 Bamboo and x3 Wood (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

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2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User iiJellyDog @ dA talked with Shiba Inu.
The conversation went as follows:

Ophelia: “What are you starin’ at?”

Dog: “Woof woof!”

The dog is staring at Ophelia’s hat.

Ophelia: “You can’t have my hat, cousin, I paid good money for this.”

Dog: “…Woof!”

The dog sits and wags its tail, as if it asked to be petted.

Ophelia: “It’s a little weird for me to pet you cousin, but…eh, even I enjoy a good pet!”

Ophelia gives the dog a few scratches behind the ear, wishing the favor could be returned.

Dog: “Awoooooo~!”

The dog wags its tail and walks away cheerfully. You realize that where the dog was sitting lies a little piece of bamboo; weird, but you accept it as a token of its gratitude.

Earned items: 1 Bamboo (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User ShiroganeRyo talked with Obaa-chan.
The conversation went as follows:

Allen: “Hello! Excuse me, ma’am, could you spare me a moment?”

Obaa-chan: “Why, yes, of course~ What do you need, my boy?”

Allen: “I see you’re busy so I will keep it short. Do you know anything about the gatekeeper, Tamamo?”

Obaa-chan: “Oh, Tamamo… She’s quite the trickster. Did that child cause you trouble?”

Allen: “Oh, no! Far from that. We’re just doing some research on her. It seems she’s a Memory Keeper, and we want to know more. I figured locals would know better than us.”

The elderly lady nods.

Obaa-chan: “I see, I see. Judging from your attire I didn’t think you were from around these parts but ol’ me isn’t up-to-date with the youngsters’ trends, so what would I know? Hohoho~”

Allen: “You weren’t wrong to suppose so! We’ve just arrived from Pagus Village.”

Obaa-chan: “It’s quite the travel from there. Are you in a big group? Have all of you eaten and rested enough?”

Allen: “*smiling sweetly* No need to worry about us, we’re being taken good care of. Doing research is also a good excuse to take in the surroundings and unwind a little.”

Obaa-chan: “Oh, yes! The research! I’m sorry, my boy, I got carried away. What can I say about Tamamo? Hmmm… She’s a free spirit in terms of personality but she keeps watch over us and our dear city. Tamamo is what you could consider one of our protectors.”

Allen: “You seem very fond of her.”

Obaa-chan: “Why, yes! She’s like a beloved child to us. I don’t know much about what a Memory Keeper is, but I certainly know how much Tamamo means to us.”

Allen: (It seems she doesn’t know anything about the things Alecsander wanted help with…) “I see. Thank you very much for your help, ma’am! I kept you for more than I intended though; I can help you with those bags you’re carrying to make up for it.”

Obaa-chan: “Oh, you didn’t need to worry about it but, in truth, I’d like that very much, my boy. These old bones aren’t the same as they used to be. I can brew you some bamboo tea at my place, as thanks for the help.”

Allen: “It sounds delightful! You can also tell me more about the Moon Capital if you wish, while we’re at it. I’d love to learn more.”

The elderly lady giggles, seemingly happy to have found someone interested in listening to her ramblings. The two then leave the busy market place, chatting enthusiastically.

Earned items: 1 Bamboo (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User mr-tiaa talked with Isadora.
The conversation went as follows:

Alkahest: “Hi!! You are a local, aren’t you? My friends and I just arrived and we are doing some research, maybe you can help us? For the science!!”

Iaso: “We are sorry to bother you at such a busy time…”

Isadora: “Mhmm, I’m not good with science though, maybe you should go ask someone else.”

Alkahest: “No worries no worries!! I just want to ask about Tamamo, do you know anything about her?”

Isadora: “Tamamo? She is a Keeper that wanders around and protects the Capital, is there anything else to know about her?”

Alkahest: “We already know that much, isn’t there anything else you can tell us? Like, anything would help! Maybe you know what kind of memories she keeps or if there are more Keepers like her around?”

Isadora: “Uugh, I don’t know, I don’t know much about Memory Keepers. But – you said you are new here, right? I can’t help you with Tamamo” (and I really need to get going) “but please accept these as a welcoming gift! Best of luck with your research!”

The girl throws something your way and dashes away before you could say anything else.

Earned items: 1 Bamboo (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User ShiroganeRyo talked with Naoki.
Information they found out:

Simba: “Are you sure this is gonna work? Alka didn’t get any information either, maybe these people don’t know a lot about Keepers.”

Anushka: “You just watch me. *winks* Excuse me! Miss, may I have your time? I only wish to ask a question.”

The person turns to Anushka, eyeing him from head to toe.

Naoki: (An outlander?) “Yes. How may I help you?”

Anushka: “Would you happen to know anything about what kind of Memory Keeper is Tamamo?”

Naoki: “I may know a thing or two. It seems you are accompanied by one; are you conducting research on these creatures?”

Simba: “Hewwo! My name is Simba! *waves his paw* We came from Pagus Village.”

Naoki: *nods* “A lengthy travel, indeed.”

Anushka: “And I’m Anushka. We’re not researchers ourselves, but our group has a scholar that would love to know more about Tamamo because, as you can see, she’s a very different Keeper from my partner Simba here.”

Naoki: “You may call me Motonari, pleased to make your acquaintance. It’s just your luck that Tamamo is an Impression born from the concept of a kitsune – a yokai. I’m familiar with these kinds of creatures. I’m a scholar myself and I research on bakemono, oni, and yokai alike.”

Simba: (Wow, Anu really has a keen eye to spot information givers!)

Naoki: “Tamamo has two very special blessings that, while it makes sense she would have them due to being a kitsune, are not natural to her kind. One is the ability to Shapeshift; she can freely transform herself into anything she wishes, be it a living being or not, with the exception of another Memory Keeper. This is either a rule they follow or, perhaps, she can’t really do it even if she tries.

The other trait is that she possesses multiple tails, akin to her representation of a nine-tailed kitsune. This is also a blessing and it’s called Odd Limbs. It seems that Keepers who have this blessing are able of having multiple limbs and it’s not reserved only to the tail area; I have witnessed Keepers with more limbs than they should have before, however, I’ve never seen Keepers growing more horns or cores than their respective classes possess.

Simba: “What are you doing, Anu?”

Anushka: “Writing everything down, of course! I would hate to forget anything, this is just the type of information Alecsander would like to have.”

Naoki: “May I help with anything else, or does this suffice?”

Anushka: “You helped so much, like you have no idea! Thank you very much!”

Naoki: “I’m glad then. And since you said you’re not from around these parts, you may want to take this with you. It wards off certain mischief-makers, I made them myself – but don’t go snooping around yokai too much, for your own good.”

Earned items: x5 Wood (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).

Reply to  mr-tiaa
2 years ago

[Comment LOG]
User RoseAnneSun @ dA talked with Kohaku.
Information they found out:

Buruu: “Is that them-?”

Lorelei: “Hi there! Are you Seishin’s brother?”

Kohaku: “Yes, tha- wait, who are you and how do you know Seishin? I have never seen you two before…”

He seems suspicious of you.

Buruu: “She was looking for you all around the place really worried…”

Lorelei: “Seishin told us that she’ll be waiting by the takoyaki stand! You can meet up with her there!”

Kohaku: “Okay, the takoyaki stand – got it! Mommy and daddy always tell us to have a place to meet up if we get separated-

Wait. Mommy and daddy also tell us not to talk to strangers; are you Seishin’s friends?”

Buruu: “My name is Buruu, and this is my Keeper, Lorelei.”

Lorelei: “^o^/ We can help you get there! i.i i want to order some takoyaki too…”

Kohaku: “Nice to meet you, Buruu, Lorelei!

I don’t mind if you come together with me but I don’t want to bother you. No one comes to the main street for nothing, aren’t you two busy?”

Buruu: *shrugging* It’s alright, we’ve got a lot of time in our hands.

Lorelei: Besides, the more, the merrier, right?

Buruu: And, umm…if you don’t mind, what can you tell us about Tamamo? Seems like you’re a big fan.

Kohaku: “About Tamamo? Well, since you two are Seishin’s friends it’s okay to tell you!

Tamamo is what we call an “Impression” Memory Keeper, that’s because they are born from the power of everyone’s thoughts put together, mommy and daddy call it “Thought Power”!! She has multiple cores because of it, because she keeps the different stories and impressions different people have about kitsunes. She’s so cool, isn’t she?! Ah – it seems we are here already… did I talk that much?”

Kohaku walks to the Takoyaki stand, but comes back with something in his hands.

“Here, take this as a “thank you” gift for helping me find my sister!”

Earned items: 1 Bamboo and x3 Meat (as a gift), x5 Memory Fragments (for helping Alecsander out).