Chapter 1: Choosing Paths

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It’s a calm afternoon, much like the afternoon before, and the one before it. It has been a little more than a month since this peace came back to the village and its surroundings, which makes us wonder if the war is really over. And it is such questioning that makes Capella believe it’s a good time to launch a reconnaissance expedition.

The expedition targeted by Capella aims  to check the real situation of the world outside the village and to get some supplies since the local resources have proven to be quite worn out by now. This is what’s being discussed at the meeting room today.

Hello, my child. Please make yourself comfortable, you’ve arrived at perfect timing! Right, Capella?~

Yes, thank you very much for attending. By making use of my late mother’s memories, kept by Amalthea, we managed to map the areas surrounding the village and chart possible expedition routes. We’d like your feedback on which one you think we should initially take.

Since the expedition is something pertaining to all of us, we thought it would be fair to let you have a saying on it. It’s important to settle things democratically~

In case things run smoothly, we will be able to explore all of the surrounding areas; but, as we’ve been saying, we need a starting point before thinking of exploring everything. Ale, could you tell our guest more about the routes we charted?

With pleasure, Cappi. Please, take a closer look at this map.

Following through to the extreme Northeast, we will reach the beautiful Kingdom of Salientia. It is commanded by Princess Vasilisa – one of Mother Nature’s children -, and her Keeper, Henry. Apparently, both were very gaudy and enjoyed launching grand parties, splurging their kingdom’s prosperity and wealth.

Despite their pride, they were very generous and have helped us plenty in the past. However, strangely enough, we haven’t heard from them since the past year. I wonder if they’re alright…?

…Following through to the East, we’ll see what’s left of the Village of the Seven Goats, led in the past by Capra, the kindest of Mother Nature’s children – Amalthea’s former partner, and Capella’s mother. The village was modest and mostly rural, but, seeing how it’s a territory they’re familiarized with, we may be able of finding provisions and other useful things in the debris… Are you sure about this, Capella…?

I thank you for the concern, but this is fine, I’ll do all I can to help my current home. Besides, if I spot another one of those fleabags who destroyed the village, I’ll show them with how many wolves you craft a cloak!

Capella, you’re going to scare our guest.

Hngh-! Sorry, I got carried away. Please, go on…

…Yes, of course. Let me see…
Following through to the Southeast, we’ll arrive at the mysterious Moon Capital, kept by mister Taketori, Mother Nature’s son, and his Keeper, Kaguya. We don’t have much information on them, since the town remains secluded, surrounded by a massive bamboo grove. With security measures this high, they’re apparently guarding something very precious.

We’ve never visited them personally, but it is said that even though they’re reclusive, they’re very gentle and pacific.

Thank you very much for helping with the explanation, Ale.

Glad to help, Cappi! It had been a while since I’ve last drawn a map.

Well… so? After listening to what each route reserves us, which one do you think we should take first? Choose the option which best suits you.

👑 The route to the Northeast, heading for the Kingdom of Salientia
🐐 The route to the East, heading for the Village of the Seven Goats
🎍 The route to the Southeast, heading for The Moon Capital

For fairness’s sake, to guarantee everyone will cast their votes only once, when commenting, please identify yourself with your approved Avatar Sheet, or with your Masterlist Entry.

We’ll be listening to the feedback of everyone who manifests themselves until July 5th, 11:59 PM BRT. After that, we’ll tally the votes and the route chosen by the majority will be the one we’ll take. Please do tell us what you think, my child~

Original text by mr-tiaa. Translation, adaptation by ShiroganeRyo
Music: ERASED – It was a quiet day by Yuki Kajiura

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