Chapter 1.2: Preparing for Adventure

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After making sure everyone had an opinion on the best initial route for the expedition, Alecsander takes one last look at his notes, and smiles at Capella.

It seems the villagers are really curious about what the Moon Capital reserves us, seeing how, with the exception of two votes, everyone agrees this is where we should go first.

I see, then it’s settled. We will begin preparations to leave immediately for the Moon Capital! Are you coming with us, Ale?

Certainly! I can only imagine how many more Keepers are out there to be registered, and we have a high chance of meeting a Fαe in our next destination.
Sylvan will stay at the village to take care of the Archives, and, according to what she said herself, Izrail will be staying to take care of the warehouse, so there’s nothing to worry about. The regular management of things will keep intact thanks to them.

Mmhm~♪ Hushabye said he’ll be staying as well, so even though we’re departing soon, I’m sure the village will stay as lively as ever~

Ah, yes. I’m glad HE is STAYING too.

What about you, my children? I understand if you would rather stay in the comfort of your home, and I for one also would prefer you to stay safe; but in case it’s your wish to join us in the expedition, I’d be more than happy to have your company~

Those who wish to join us, be ready until August 20th, it’s the day on which we’ll be hitting the road. Amalthea, let’s go back to the barn now, we shall begin our preparations.

It’s best to start your preparations as well, my children. Remember to bring comfy garments with you, and to tell your partners and relatives you’ll be traveling for a few days. Don’t worry about the delicacies, though! I’ll bake some cookies for us to snack on the road~

📜 Instructions

  • You need either a Memory Keeper or an approved Avatar to join the expedition.
  • What are your preparations for the Expedition? Please tell us about it in one of the following ways:
    – A story with at least 400 words, on which all involved characters are mentioned.
    – A drawing with at least base colors and either a background or props, on which all involved characters appear as at least half-body. 
  • If there is any problem with your submission we’ll let you know.
  • You may submit one entry per Memory Keeper or Avatar.
  • Joining the expedition doesn’t stop you from taking part in other group activities, this is just for storytelling purposes.
  • Submissions for this chapter will be accepted until August 20th, 11:59 PM BRT.

💎 Rewards

Memory Fragments x 7

AVATAR only:
Shiny Nugget x 1

Memory Fragments x 10
Shiny Nugget x 1

Original text by mr-tiaa. Translation, adaptation by ShiroganeRyo
Music: Digimon World OST – File City (Day)

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