Kagami Mochi decorating [CLOSED] [LOG]

(Original event posted at Dec 5, 2020, at deviantART)

The Kagami Mochi is a New Year decoration that consists of two mochi pilled together, with a Daidai fruit on top. It’s a very old tradition here in the Moon Capital, originated long before the Silver War and, since then, this Memory Keeper has been recording the local villagers picking up the Daidai fruits to craft the prettiest Kagami Mochis.

“Hello~! I’m the Daidai Memory Keeper”

The Daidai is a very sturdy fruit that remains on the tree for up to 3 years if it’s not picked, what makes it the symbol of longevity and an essential element of the Kagami Mochi! But spending a long life on your own is rather lonesome, don’t you agree?

After watching so many generations by themself, this Keeper decided to seek a friend to start the New Year with. Obviously, the Daidai Memory Keeper’s friend must know how to create a stunning Kagami Mochi, so that’s why we decided to help them to find someone appropriated by hosting a little contest: decorating Kagami Mochi! Whoever makes the best one will start the year with a new friend~☆

Oh- by the way, Daidai wants to go with someone who doesn’t have a Memory Keeper companion yet, this way both can experience a first time friendship! If you already own a Memory Keeper you can still participate though, Daidai just won’t go with you regardless of how great your Kagami Mochi is.

If you are interested in participating, please take a look at these rules I’ll be writing down; they will help you to craft a beautiful Kagami Mochi. Praeconium Memoriae~! ★

🍊 Rules 🍊

Please use this base in order to participate: BASE FOLDER

✔️ You are allowed to ✔️
-> Put the Kagami Mochi on a stand.
-> Decorate the Kagami Mochi as you please.
-> Write a description explaining the reasons behind your decoration.
-> Change the colors slightly as long as it’s still understandable.

❌ You aren’t allowed to ❌
-> Remove the daidai fruit or any of the two mochi.
-> Change the colors in a way it’s mischaracterized i.e. painting the daidai fruit blue.
-> Use offensive and inappropriate symbols, images or similar.
-> Use premade textures or patterns created by other people.

  • You must be a member of the group in order to participate.
  • Only entries from FTO (first time owners, which means, someone who doesn’t own nor has never owned a Memory Keeper) are applying for Daidai.
  • Anyone who joins will earn Memory Fragment x 5 (both FTO and not).
  • Each user may enter only once.
  • Please use the provided base so we can keep the judging fair.
  • Judging criteria will be creativity and execution. Feel free to explain in your description why you picked each element of your decoration or why do you think that the Daidai Keeper would choose yours as their favorite.
  • The contest will be open until December 31st at 11:59PM (BRT).
  • Submit your entry to the correct folder HERE and reply to the proper chain comment: HERE if you are a FTO and want to try winning Daidai, or HERE if you already own a Memory Keeper and is joining only for the fun and fragments.
  • By obtaining a Memory Keeper, you automatically agree to our Terms of Service – Memory Keepers (ADOPTS), and by joining the group, you are committed to abide by the ARPG Group Guidelines/Rules with no exceptions.

Fragments for non-FTO will be banked ASAP so you can use them to participate of the Kiku’s Special Ozoni event if you’d like!

Do you still have any questions? Ask HERE and we’ll answer ASAP!


Thank you everyone who participated in our New Year’s Events! I hope you enjoyed Moon Capital’s ways of celebrating; we were brimming with happiness to have you with us this time round~! ★

I believe you’re all very curious to know who was the winner of Daidai’s heart. After some judging – and tasting! -, Daidai has decided to go with…


[Memory Keepers] Fruity Floral Kagami Mochi

Father and I had never seen a Kagami Mochi decorated this way, and while it was rather unusual, it looked very pretty and we can tell how much effort went into it! I think the Deities might have looked down upon us because, thankfully, all the sweets didn’t spoil during the two week period we let them sit as decorations.

Truly blessed~☆

As for the other Kagami Mochi decorating goers, all of your efforts were also considered and very much appreciated! We’ve sent a package to the Warehouse Keeper, Izrail, with the Memory Fragments you all earned as prize, they have surely been banked as of now~☆ If you wanted to go for Dadai but didn’t make it, don’t worry for I’m very sure there’ll be plenty opportunities in the future!

We also thank all who participated in Kiku’s Special Ozoni’s meal servings! We had many new orders this year, which made us truly happy~☆

During the past few days, I spotted the Keepers I saw during our Ozoni meal gathering gaining pretty, brand new blessings! Kiku kindly gave me the customer list so I could report to the Masterlist archivist, Alecsander. I believe Sylvan, the Masterlist Keeper has updated all of the registries with the new blessings everyone got by now, as well with Daidai’s new partner!

Thank you all very much for participating in the festivities with us! We hope all of you had a great and peaceful passing of the year, and that the New Year that starts now will be treating us all with more kindness.

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