Brazilian Ruby

The wings are fake, but the will to fly away in the revelry is oh so true! ;>

🎉Brazilian Ruby (Clytolaema rubricauda)
Class: Animalia | Masterlist entry

Design by ShiroganeRyo

Status: Open
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✧ Price: $25 (USD) 
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Artist’s Notes

It’s Carnaval here in Brazil! Also known as the biggest and most colorful party of my country, it’s hard not to let yourself get intoxicated with the festive vibes! I’ve been surrounded by music for the past few days, so I’m excited to finally bring this Keeper out to party!

Here are some important notes on my inspiration for this design, as well as some trivias, presented by Hushabye, our little Carnaval Expert:

  • The best pick for a Brazilian Carnaval inspired Keeper would be a parrot (just like me!), since we’re native from Brazil and very colorful. Remember the movie Rio? Yep ;> However, the Humming Bird’s long beak was the most fitting for an interesting reveler mask idea!
  • Their face is covered by the mask, but the markings and overall design are very alike with that of the mask itself. Their colors indicate they’re based off a male specimen, by the way!
  • Funny enough, there’s a samba school called Beija-Flor de Nilópolis (Nilopolis’s Humming Bird, in a free translation), which ShiroganeRyo often cheers for, their presentations on Rio de Janeiro’s Sambodromo are quite pretty~
  • ShiroganeRyo‘s birthplace is Rio de Janeiro, too!
  • The wings are fake, and an accessory! They replicate a sambista’s attire, but looking like Humming Bird’s wings. This means they can be taken off, but who would do that?!

Hope you feel a bit more enlightened in the art of Carnaval now! ;>

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