Call for a Friend [CLOSED] [LOG]

(Original event posted on Feb 1, 2020, at deviantART)

It’s a chilly, pleasant evening; with the season change coming soon, it’s started to get warmer little by little.
And, as night slowly falls, there’s nothing but a gentle breeze outside tonight. Or is there…?
You spot a familiar Keeper, all by themselves, entering the Archives. While this is no unusual sight, for some reason, your curiosity gets picked. Approaching the building, you can hear music and laughter coming from the inside. What’s happening?

Greeting you as you swing the door open to allow yourself in, is, as usual, Sylvan. However, this time she’s accompanied by other 4 Keepers, and the archivist is nowhere to be seen.

Eh, I’m not sure, Sylvan. I don’t remember inviting them on my way here.

Oh! No wonder they look so confused. Please, make yourself comfy! I’ll explain what’s up.

“This sweetheart got here earlier today. Can you believe they have no company to spend Valentine’s Day with?
We thought such a lovely Keeper deserves a true friend, so we had the idea to launch a party! A party on which they make not only some friends, but precious memories as well, doesn’t it sound like something that would brighten somefae’s day~?”

If you came looking for Alecsander, though, I’m sorry but he won’t be here until later tonight. But-

He’s gone on a date! ;>

(…You’re not supposed to tell that to everyone you see, Hushabye 💧)

I think what my child Sylvan is trying to say is, since you’re already here, why don’t you spend some time with us, my child?

Yes! The more, the merrier~ Bleeding-Heart might even find somefae they want to spend the rest of their days with!

That sounds truly lovely.

We have music, snacks, and good company. Why not join us? *wiggles eyebrows* It’s super simple, listen up:

🎨 Drawing Contest Rules

  • You must be a member of the Memory Keepers group in order to participate.
  • Let us know which was the greatest memory you made with Bleeding-Heart! You made sure of registering the moment, right? It should have the following:
    ✧ Bleeding-Heart’s drawing must be full body and at least base colors, but their friends are fine as half-body.
    ✧ The drawing must be entirely made by you. This means using bases or reusing old artworks of yours in any way isn’t allowed!
    ✧ The more precious a memory, the richer is its depiction on a drawing! Shading, background, and other add-ons will surely count some points towards you.
    ✧ The DTA (Draw To Adopt) Contest’s winner will be able to keep Bleeding-Heart, and will also earn 5 Memory Fragments (game currency).
  • Bleeding-Heart’s friend(s) can be anyone: a Keeper or an approved Avatar (both should be owned by you, though!) If you don’t have either, you can use one of the 4 NPCs present here!

Izrail, Sylvan, Amalthea, or Hushabye
Just remember to keep their relationship level as “only friends” if using an NPC; they are tied to the story and some have their own relationships!

  • For your submission to count, you need to submit it to the correct folder in the group AND the correct comment.
  • We’ll use BRT to define the deadline’s time. The deadline is at 11:59 PM on February the 29st (…). You can no longer submit your entry after that.

We look forward to making your acquaintance. Hope you have fun, Bleeding-Heart.

I’m already having fun! Thank you so much for hosting a party just for me, everyfae. It’s very sweet of you!

Wait, what’s the purpose of Izrail being here if he’s super antisocial???

I gotta have my own date, too.


Hours later, the familiar bell chimes as the door to the Archives is open once again, to allow someone else in.

Welcome back, Alecsander~

Thank you~ And good evening, everyone! *nodding at the remaining Keepers* I’m sorry for troubling you with organizing this on your own, Sylvan, but thanks for doing me this favor. How did things go?

Want to take a look for yourself? It’s bedtime soon, we shall finish Luzon’s registry before closing and calling it a day.

You have all my attention! Please, show me.

Once Alecsander is comfortably seated on an armchair, by making use of her magic, Sylvan shows him all the things she had witnessed during the party they had just held. All of the memories were rich in details, having a proper description narrated by Sylvan to go along with the images. After some pondering over all the info he had received, the archivist speaks up again.

This is quite a hard decision, isn’t it…? But one of them definitely caught my attention a little more than the others.

I know which one you’re talking about! And I must say I do agree.

MemoryKeepers | Call For a Friend | DTA by Troubled-Fox

Such a strong, and happy memory! As a human, I can’t handle memories the same way Keepers do, but I can feel how precious, how valuable it is. It’s not a memory of my own, and even so, I can’t help but feel a warm feeling in my chest when looking at it.

Congratulations, Troubled-Fox@dA, that’s a very lovely memory you made there!

What do you think, Luzon? Are you happy with this outcome?

I sure am! I couldn’t have had a better welcome than this!

I’m glad, then. I’ll finish your record on the Masterlist right now, and officialize you under your new owner.

The other memories we have here are actually very valuable as well… So all of them created some Memory Fragments! Can I leave this to you, love?

*nods* I will get these Fragments properly stored as soon as I get back.
patbh@dA gets 10Cloudii-Dreams@dA gets 5, and RoseAnneSun@dA gets 5; is that correct?

Correct~ They all made a very good job on making Bleeding-Heart feel at home, so it’s only fair we give them those Fragments as a little, but well-deserved reward.

Looks like we’re all settled, then! Amalthea, will you come with me? I told Capella I’d guide you back home safely.

You didn’t have to worry about me, dear; but thank you for your trouble~

It’s too late in the night to let a lovely lady walk on her own outside. But before we go…

He hasn’t been this silent the whole time, but he behaved well and helped lots with the welcoming party~

(And all it took me was to bribe him. Why can’t you just be this good all the time, Hushabye? 💧)
Well, then, as I had promised… here you go. *handing the Keeper two packs full of crackers* I bought an extra, so you can see how you actually get on my good side by behaving!


(He didn’t listen to a word of what I just said, I’m sure.) Ready to depart, Amalthea?

Of course. Looks like a lovely night for a stroll~

You come with us, as well, Luzon! I’ll drop you by your new home as well.

Yay! I’m very ready to start my new life, with everyone I befriended by my side! Thank you, thank you everyone for participating!

(They sure seem happy! Many things are warming my heart tonight~)

With Luzon Bleeding-Heart’s lovely remark, they set out, the newcomer Keeper looking for the new adventures they would have.

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