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(Original event posted on Dec 1, 2019, at deviantART)

    How have you been? Are you eating properly? I’m sorry for not stopping by to pay you a proper visit but I’m in a rush now to have everything ready for the celebrations of December. Which brings us to the subject of this letter: would you like to participate?
    Before the Silver War, humans around the world would gather together with their beloved ones during that time of the year and celebrate by eating together, exchanging gifts, and sharing precious memories. Even if their reasons for that would vary accordingly with their culture, those actions seem to be a common motif between them! The Village of the Seven Goats has adopted this adorable tradition from the humans and, even if the Village isn’t physically there anymore, it surely lives in our hearts. I think it would be lovely if we keep going on with it.

The Gift-Exchanging

Since there are a lot of talented artists in our community, I thought it would be fun to exchange drawings as gifts this year. Here is how we are going to do that:

  • Please show your Avatar(s) and/or Memory Keeper(s) HERE, this way everyone else will know what to draw for you.  
  • For those who are feeling generous, feel free to browse the thread and pick somefae to gift by drawing one or more of the characters they listed; once you are done, please reply HERE with your finished gift and ping or message the gifted, so they may check out your lovely present~! You don’t need to own a Keeper nor an Avatar to submit a gift. 
  • Posting your gift in the group isn’t mandatory but if you want to, post it HERE!  
  • You have until December 25th, 10 PM-BRT  to deliver your gifts.  
  • If you have any questions please ask HERE.  

Our Gifts for You

Of course, my children and I will take part in the celebration as well! Even if making others smile by gifting them is the best reward somefae may receive, we have some small gifts for the generous ones whose gifts include at least a full body with flat colors:

  • For the first gift art you deliver, you’ll get one of my PAWMADE COOKIEs. It’s a tradition to bake those for some kind of deity named Santa Claus but, for my children, I have added a special flavoring on it. I hope you’ll like it!~  
  • For each additional gift art you deliver, you’ll get x2 MEMORY FRAGMENTS, a little something from our guiding stars!  
  • For every gift art you deliver (first one included) you’ll get a number for a very special raffle. Do you see this cutie here? Well, they said they would love to find a partner during this holiday season and we decided to help! Since they want their partner to be a generous one we decided to host a little raffle between those who are distributing gifts. A generous, lucky heart will get to keep them~ 
  • We’ll be delivering and banking our gifts once the event is closed.

I hope you’ll take part in our little event! Happy Holidays~ ♥


🎄 Happy Holidays, everyone~!! 🎄

After a very busy month, it’s finally time for this fella to go home with their new partner, RoseAnneSun@dA !! Congrats~!!

Thank you all for joining our little Gift-Exchanging, if you missed it consider joining the group MemoryKeepers so you won’t miss any other events ♥

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