Meteor Shower [CLOSED] [LOG]

(Original event posted on Nov 3, 2019, at deviantART)

A strange tent has appeared on the village plaza this morning, it surely wasn’t there last night, you would have noticed the eccentric pattern with stars all over it. You didn’t have time to finish analyzing the small details yet when an equally eccentric-looking fox comes out of it, smiling and skillfully shuffling some cards.

Before you can give the fox a proper answer, your attention is drawn to a single-horned Memory Keeper with a wispy core, floating just next to him; what kind of Keeper is this? Such curiosity is clearly stamped on your face, because Noah smirks while covering his muzzle with a card. He gestures to his friend, asking the Keeper to get closer so you can better inspect him.

“It seems you’ve got an interest in my little star friend here, don’t you? By your rather funny expression I assume you have never seen a Dreamborn before, nfufu~☆ Well, aren’t you a lucky one? Soon, many other Keepers like Enoch may appear right here, on this village, as it’ll be the best spot to watch the Leonine Meteor Shower, on November 18th.”

When the Cosmos feels generous enough, it’ll bath us with sparkles of magic, which have the power to grant wishes! That’s why this story about shooting starts exists, you know~☆

That’s where we, Dreamborns, come from. The Cosmos has a mysterious way to do things, sometimes your wishes aren’t granted exactly as you expected, but materialized in form of a Memory Keeper just like me.

Yes! That’s why Dreamborns are so special, it’s like they are created especially for each one of us! But this isn’t the only difference between them and other Keepers you know, they still are Memory Keepers, so obviously their basic anatomy is the same, but some specific traits are:

☆ Their single horn 

Dreamborns are the only class that has a single horn on the center of their forehead, like a unicorn.
It doesn’t need to be shaped like a drill, though. Examples:

☆ Their core is wisp like 

Our memories about dreams aren’t the clearest thing, are they?
Well, the core of a Dreamborn is just like that. It’s shaped like a wisp or mist coming out from their chest area. Examples:

☆ A special blessing from the stars: Dream Hologram! 

Those are non-solid, glowing projections that surround the Keeper. They are different from the Mikros’ Bioluminescence because it’s not on their body at all, but floating around it, see? Also, it’s way cooler because the variety of shapes is endless nfufu~☆ Examples:

Conclusion: Dreamborns are amazing! We have asked that guy from the Archives to update the Class Guide including us.

Yes, yes! But you know, now I’m wondering if our little guest here will wish for something during the Meteor Shower, uh? Well, if you are hoping to get a star friend as cool as Enoch, we’ll help you out, right?

Of course. We’ve overseen the creation of many Dreamborns throughout the years, I surely can transcribe some memories from past events to work as a guide for you. Well then…Praeconium Memoriae~!!

🌠 A guide to the Meteor Shower

To participate, you must be a member of the MemoryKeepers group and agree with the species T.O.S.

  • Make a drawing of your Dreamborn Memory Keeper! The drawing and design must be made by you but, if you can’t draw, you may also use this base.
  • Remember to follow the Basic Species Guide and add the specific traits from their class: Single horn and Wispy core; Dream Hologram is optional. You may check the Dreamborn folder in our Masterlist for some examples.
  • Only Dreamborn class is available for this event.
  • Dreamborns don’t have an official theme, they are cataloged by number.
  • Feel free to add a story, personality, and whatnot to your Keeper. This may increase your chances of being chosen!
  • For your submission to count, you must submit it to the correct folder and reply to the correct comment.
  • You may create up to two entries, but only one may win.

Winners will have their Keepers made official for free! 

  • 2 winners will be chosen by the founders: one by mr-tiaa and one by shiroganeRyo.
  • 1 lucky winner will be chosen by raffle in our Discord rolling server.
    Each entry counts as 1 raffle number. Sharing the event in a Journal, Status or Poll gives you an extra number!
  • For every 25 users that join, an extra winner will be rolled!
  • Every Keeper made official will receive 5 Memory Fragments.

If you don’t win you’ll be able to make your Keeper official through payment.

  • Pricing per Keeper is 15$ USD or 1500 points.
  • You have until November ends to pay for your Dreamborn Memory Keeper.

The event ends at 11:59 PM on November 18th (…).
You can no longer submit your entry after that. The Meteor Shower will be over at that time.

I believe this covers everything. If you have any questions though, don’t be afraid to ask us!

– Enoch


Come one, come all~☆ The time has come, star children! Are you ready to know what the stars have bestowed upon you, who were attending the Leonine Meteor Shower celebration? Then, let’s allow the cards to show and tell us your future…

[You can barely contain your curiosity and excitement, seeing Noah adeptly shuffle his cards, until he stops and picks six out of the pile; cards now arranged in two rows of three, he reveals them one after another, beginning his reading spectacle.]

The first of our guiding constellations, the fortune cat, Gattae Fortis – I wonder, who did you pick~?

Lorelei | Memory Keepers by RoseAnneSun

RoseAnneSun@dA, your wish has been heard! But alas, there’s more. It has something to tell you about your wish, nfufu~☆
Emotion. Longing. Your bittersweet but sincere wish, and your heartfelt story, have touched its heart.

Our second guiding constellation, the two-tailed fox, Pariscaudae Vulpes – who’s your chosen one~?

[Dreamborns MYO Event] - Maya by patbh

patbh@dA, your wish has been heard! And, as expected, it also has something to say about your wish~☆
Superstition. Ambition. Humanity is a story about conquest and defeat, isn’t that right? It seemed to be very interested in your tale.

Congratulations on your new star friends! *clap clap* That means your wishes were strong enough to reach the Cosmos. But, from my readings, I suppose you were able to tell that much already, huh?

…Oh~! But wait… I can feel the cards telling me something else. One last shooting star has granted a wish. 
Let’s see who was the fortunate one…

dreams by mishdreavus

Congratulations, lucky star child~☆ mishdreavus@dA, wasn’t it?

Oh, and before I forget! Please look for the Keeper Sylvan and don’t forget to fill out this registry form, and your new star friend will have a nifty, official Masterlist profile in no time~☆
And, of course, when all the requirements are met, we’ll make sure to have your Memory Fragments banked!

Excuse me; Noah, may I have a minute with you?

Speak of the devil, nfufu~♥ For you, anything~♥

*smiles sweetly* So, I heard you were offering your services as well, for the ones who want to keep their Dreamborn but didn’t have their wishes granted by the stars.

Why, yes~☆ All they must do is note the group directly with their request and, as long as the fee is paid until I leave on the 30th, they’ll be able to keep their friend, or friends~☆

Okay, let me recap that; Note the group, and pay the $15 (or 1500 points), until November 30th, and the Keeper will be made official. Is that right?

Yes, yes! They must fill in this form on the note, too:

Your username:
Payment method:
Image file you want on your Keeper’s profile:
Do you give permission to post your image on the Masterlist account?

(You must answer yes, or else we won’t be able to make your Keeper official)

Everything seems to be in order, then! Thanks, Noah. I’ll be certainly seeing you before you leave.

Oh, but of course~☆ I have a feeling some star children won’t let go of their wishes that easily.

I hope they hurry, though! It’s almost time for us to get ready to hit the road again!

Right? nfufu~☆

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