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Basic Terminology

  • Closed Species (CS): a species which creation is restricted.
  • Make Your Own (MYO): design from a closed species created by a community user with the approval of the species’ owner.
  • Art-Roleplay (ARPG): similar to roleplaying but with a focus on art.
  • Draw to Adopt (DTA): an art contest where you need to draw the character to try and get it.
  • Write do Adopt (WTA): a writing contest where you need to write a story according to the guidelines to try to get a character.


If you are just getting started, please visit our Starter’s Guide first, It covers a lot of first-timer’s questions!

About Memory Keepers

When will a specific Memory Keeper class become available for purchase?
The Memory Keeper classes and how to obtain them are unlocked according to the main story’s progression, so please stay with us to learn more and more about Keepers!
So far, Protocores (MYO slots) and customs of Nature Forces Keepers a.k.a. Plantae, Animalia, and Mikros classes are available through the Sacred Shrine, while Dreamborns are available through events hosted by Noah.
Keepers of any classes, with the exception of Fαe, may appear as adoptable through sales, auctions, and events.

Why Fαes aren’t available for adoption?
Fαes are a class exclusive to NPCs because they are highly tied to the story. We want our users to have as much free creative rights as possible over their Memory Keepers, which wouldn’t be possible with Fαes.

Is there a list with all existing Blessings/traits?
Here’s a list of all currently known blessings. As the game progresses, more Blessings will be discovered as we learn more about Keepers! Whenever a new Blessing is discovered, the list will be updated.

I got a Keeper through a sale/auction/event, may I get their artwork in full res?
All artwork uploaded on the site is already in full resolution, so if you care about the size of the picture please check it before purchasing.

I drew/wrote about my Keeper but it’s not for an activity of the group, can I share it?
Yes, of course! We are happy to know you are enjoying your Keeper. Feel free to post it wherever you want, just don’t forget to mention it’s a Closed Species and, if possible, link us in the post’s description!
We’d love it if you shared your artwork with us on our Discord Server as well!!

About Avatars

I’d like to use an existing character as an Avatar, but its species is made up, is that okay?
A user-made Avatar can’t be of an “unknown” species, however, you can use your character if you assign them to an existing species. Think about it as if it’s an alternative version of your OC!

Do we have to own an Avatar to go with our Keeper? 
You don’t have to, but that’s for you to decide! If you want your Keeper to be a loner, that’s okay. Just keep in mind that having an Avatar bound to them has its own benefits in activities.
If you don’t care about having a little boost, then you’re good to go with only your Keeper.

I’d like to make some changes to my Avatar, do I need to resubmit the sheet?
Small changes that would be possible in real life as a change of clothes or hairstyle are okay and you don’t need to resubmit it. For bigger changes like species, magic abilities, and similar you are required to resubmit your Avatar at the Avatar Center, as it could count as a different character.

About the Site

I registered but didn’t receive my confirmation e-mail.
If you didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail at all, please submit this form and well manually validate your account. If it has been past 1 week and your account still hasn’t been validated, please contact Tiaa directly through e-mail:

I updated my icon but the new one isn’t showing.
Sometimes icons won’t update until a mod (Tiaa, for this matter) purges the cache. We try to do it once in a while, so please have a bit of patience.

How do I attach images in my comments or use icon chats?
For help customizing your comments and attaching images to them, please read the Starter’s Guide.

Help! If I try using an emoji I just get a long link.
To add an emoji to your comment you need to click the “smile” icon in your comment settings and then pick the emoji you want in the list. Because of the way the comment plug-in works, trying to use emojis the normal way won’t work. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This is how you use emojis!


Why some users are linked to deviantART instead of site profiles? I thought I needed a site account to play.
Memory Keepers started as a group in deviantART, it later migrated to its own website due to incompatibilities with deviantART’s updated version, Eclipse. Those users who are linked to deviantART profiles played with us when we were still based on deviantART but didn’t create an account on the current website after the migration. Without an account, they can’t continue playing the ARPG nor trade their Keeper, but they still own what they got/bought regardless.

Can I help with something?
Even though we aren’t looking for mods at the moment, you can help by spreading the word about the group to your friends, so our community grows bigger! Application for mods and guest artists may open at a later time.

If there’s anything else related to the group/species you’d like to know, please just ask away in the comments below and we will get to you as soon as possible!

If you need help with something more private or need to report an error (or user), please send us a ticket.

(Messages sent directly to the group or the founders regarding questions will be ignored!)

Thank you !!

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