A Special Guest [CLOSED] [LOG]

(Original event posted on Oct 1, 2019, at deviantART)

As soon as you open the door to the Archives, making its bell chime with your arrival, you’re welcomed with the sound of a faint music tone playing somewhere not so far. Is there a gramophone upstairs?
Before you could ponder about it, or the very distinct smell of books and scrolls, the archivist gets up from his desk and gestures your way.

You sit on the nearby armchair, while Alecsander promptly serves you a cup of warm beverage; it’s starting to get cold this time of the year, isn’t it? Sylvan, the Masterlist Keeper, looks at you from the desk where she’s sitting on, and you notice she’s accompanied by an unknown Keeper.

“This Keeper came looking for us, in search of someone to be his partner; Mr. Raven claims to have grown tired of feeling alone. However, he – and we, as well – want the perfect person to stay by his side. A worthy companion! Someone with tastes very similar to his, a sharp mind to share their own thoughtfulness with his!”

Oh, you ask how we’ll be able of telling if you’re the chosen one? That’s already settled as well! It was our honorable guest’s idea, after all.

A writing contest. I have a fondness for dark, scary stories. The one whose story impresses the judges the most will have proven to be worthy of being my partner.

I take from our conversations we do have a lot in common with Mr. Raven… But I’m afraid literature is not our forte, right, Sylvan? So we’ll be here as mere judges.

Regardless, I believe you’re most fit for the judging task, yes. I’ll count on the two of you.

So, do you, our honorable visitor, think you’re up to the task? It’ll be quite hard to scare both me and Sylvan, but I’m quite excited to see what you will come up with~

I’ll be staying until when October the 31st of this year is nevermore. A few acquaintances of mine will be joining the season party later as well, although only I am interested in this particular contest.

I’ll be responsible for holding onto your stories until judging time! So, I ask you to please leave them here.

You may take this as well, if you ever forget the rules.

Writing Contest Rules

  • You must be a member of the MemoryKeepers group in order to participate.
  • Your story must be a scary, short story, with a minimum of 45 words and a maximum 245 of words.
  • Need inspiration? Check this article!
  • For your submission to count, you need to submit it to the correct comment.
  • Tag a friend in your submission to read your story! This type of story is better off with company.
  • We’ll use BRT to define the deadline’s time. The deadline is at 11:59 PM on October the 31st (www.timeanddate.com/time/zones…). You can no longer submit your entry after that.

Thanks for your attention, we look forward to your stories! I can tell this will be a fun season~


Greetings! This is your Masterlist archivist, Alecsander – and Masterlist Keeper Sylvan as well, of course! – coming to you for an official announcement. Judging for Mr. Raven’s case has been closed, as you may be aware, so we’re pleased to share the results with you!

After some pondering and debating over the entries we received, we quickly came to a consensus. Without further ado, the winner is…

The-Shifty-Lion @dA!

I must say, their entry was rather impressive! Managing to keep the story’s flow while you do rhymes is no easy task. The story is not only great but also sonorous, so it surely picked our attention. The idea of the looping nightmare sounds simple, but once you think about it, it’s indeed unsettling to be stuck like that.

Sylvan will fill in Mr. Raven’s profile registry shortly to attribute your name to his ownership, and as an additional prize, you get 5 Memory Fragments as well.

As for runners-up, we have considered those whose story best followed the prompt we had given, so we thought about rewarding them something for entertaining us with their submissions!
They are…
WhiteManju @dA
RoseAnneSun @dA
patbh @dA
You all receive 2 Memory Fragments; it’s not much but a little something for your efforts! Your stories were really nice.

I’ve promptly let our warehouse Keeper Izrail know about the incoming Memory Fragments. He’ll bank them as soon as possible!

Now, then… It’s time to depart, Mr. Raven. *wipes away a tear* It was really nice to meet you! Are you satisfied with this outcome?

Why, yes. I’m quite pleased with the turn of events. The winner has great potential if I can say so myself; I’ll personally see to it.

The contest was really fun, too! We might turn it into an annual event for Halloween stories. There’s yet one to come that really knocks our socks off, the scary way!

You’re not wearing any socks, though.

*nods solemnly* Farewell then, my good man and good Keeper. I thank you for the help in my endeavors.

Alecsander and Sylvan both wave The Northern Raven goodbye, as he makes his way to his new home.

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