Species Guide

A guide to help you to learn the basics about Memory Keepers!

Transcription of the book:

Memory Keepers are fairylike creatures, with the special ability to record the memories of a living being to which they connect.

Sized like a cat and with a variable build, from slender to bulky, from chubby to athletic, some may also have short legs. Their body is covered by fur that may come in any colors and be short, long, curly, straight, wiry, etc. 

⋆⋅ Ears
Similar to bunny ears in shape and size. They may be up, down or bent; they also may be extra fluffy.

⋆⋅ Horns
They may be of any material, shape, and size; sometimes they're even located under the skin. Keepers created by Nature Forces always have a pair of horns, while those created by human influence vary by class.

⋆⋅ Eyes
Keepers may have any color and shape of iris, pupil, and sclera.

⋆⋅ Tail
Covered in fur, may have any shape and size.

⋆⋅ Core
Where the memories are stored. Its appearance varies according to the Keeper's class, showing its origin. Because it's the font of their vital energy, a core is always very sturdy, even if it mimics something soft i.e. flowers.

⋆⋅ Paws
By default, they have soft paws with no claws nor paw pads, but mutations are common in the Animalia class.

⋆⋅ Health
A Keeper will only die if they have their core broken apart completely.

When hurt, a Keeper won't bleed, but expel a shiny, glitter-like substance from its wound. They have very strong healing abilities and can regenerate whole limbs if necessary, except for their core.

Once damaged, their core cannot be restored or healed, it doesn't interfere on the Keeper's well being, but it's easier to break.

⋆⋅ Diet
Even though Keepers can eat, they don't need to and anything eaten will be dissolved and vanish within some hours. Because of this, some may be found eating trash and dirt as a way of cleaning the environment.

⋆⋅ Aging
Because Keepers are ageless, their appearance doesn't change with time nor reflect how old they are.

⋆⋅ Gender
Keepers don't have a biological sex nor can procreate, they can, however, establish love relationships with other Keepers and some may also identify as a specific gender. 

⋆⋅ Praeconium Memoriae
A magic spell known by all Keepers, it allows them to transcribe the memories they have been saving as pictures and texts; when doing so, their eyes, core and the record being created emit a faint glow of the same color.

To easily share their memories, some Keepers like to have diary-like books, scrolls, and similar.