Blessings Guide

A guide meant to help you understand a bit about those special traits named Blessings! Please keep reading for a List of Known Blessings.

Transcription of the book:
are special traits that change the appearance of a Memory Keeper. Memory Keepers may use their blessings in many different ways, including, but not limited to, fighting, camouflage, and form of expression.

Due to their magical nature, once acquired a blessing may be activated and deactivated according to the Keeper's will.
Some are mutable, while others aren't. There's a big variety of blessings and each one has its own quirks.

A list of currently known blessings may be found below. Please check it for more details and visual examples of each one.

⋆⋅ Automatic Blessings
Every protocore comes with an automatic blessing which is granted to the Keeper the moment they are born. Automatic blessings vary by class i.e. all members of the Plantae class are blessed with Plant Growth, and so on. More info about this matter may be found in the Class Guide.

⋆⋅ Earned Blessings
Mother Nature, her children, and other magical entities may grant new blessings to a Memory Keeper. It's said that most of the children of Nature have the ability to gift a unique, specific kind of blessing, even though some may have different powers. This requires further investigation.

Alternatively, it seems that some magic items may grant blessings as well.
List of Known Blessings

List of known blessings and a brief explanation about each one (with visual reference) for designing help. More blessings will be added once they are discovered!
Last Update: 20/February/2020 ✧

🐾 Feral Paws 🐾
The Memory Keeper can have paw pads and/or claws similar to those of Earth animals. They may come in any shape, color, and type, they also work separately. (Example: a Memory Keeper may have retractable small claws with soft pads but change them to big sharp claws with no pads when fighting.)

Affected area: toes and sole of the paws.
How to obtain: magic items.
Automatic for Animalia class.
🌱 Plant Growth 🌱
Plants of any kind and similar forms (mushrooms, algae, etc) can grow over the Memory Keeper’s body and from its innards. They may emit scents, bloom or wither based on the Keeper’s feelings as a form of expression.

Affected area: the whole body.
How to obtain: magic items.
Automatic for Plantae class.
🎆 Bioluminescence 🎆
The Memory Keeper can emit a glow of low or moderate intensity from its whole body, specific markings, or body parts, including innards. They may “turn off” the glow at their own will.

Affected area: the whole body.
How to obtain: magic items.
Automatic for Mikros class.

🦋 Pixie Wings 🦋
Insect-like wings that may vary in form, shape and size.

Affected area: back.
How to obtain: currently unknown.
Automatic for Fαe class.
✨ Dream Hologram
Non-solid, glowing projections that surround the Memory Keeper. They may come in any color, shape and are entirely “interactive”, however, they never change their original concept. (Example: a Dream Hologram book could flip pages, open and close, even change colors and size, but would always keep being a book.)

Affected area: floating around the Keeper’s body.
How to obtain: magic items, special events hosted by Noah.
Automatic for Dreamborn class.
🔥 Matter Creation 🔥
Powerful magic that allows the Memory Keeper to manipulate elements of nature. Each Keeper has one inherent element and, while they can bend it to the form they want, they can’t manipulate any other element.

Affected area:  floating around the Keeper’s body and/or attached to it.
How to obtain: currently unknown.
Automatic for Impression class.
🌀 Shapeshifting 🌀 
Illusory magic that allows the Memory Keeper to temporarily change its appearance to the form of an animal, plant, or object. They can’t take the form of a different Keeper, be it from the same class or not. Regardless of what form they take, their core will always be hidden while shapeshifting.
(PS: Do NOT use this blessing to plagiarize other people’s characters.)

Affected area: the whole body.
How to obtain: currently unknown.
🦴 Odd Limbs 🦴
The Memory Keeper can grow extra, functional limbs at their will. They can’t create extra horns or cores even if they have this blessing.

Affected area: the whole body, except for the core and horns.
How to obtain: currently unknown.